Aqua Dulce: Soledad, Sierray Hwy, Mint Canyon, return Aqua Dulce Canyon Rd, Soledad Cyn, Sand Cyn, Placerita, Cyn

Cycling Route

43.49 mi
2,733 ft
Aqua Dulce: Soledad, Sierray Hwy, Mint Canyon, return Aqua Dulce Canyon Rd, Soledad Cyn, Sand Cyn, Placerita, Cyn
Created By
Santa Clarita Valley Velo, Santa Clarita, CA
December 26, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chicane to West of Construction0.90 mi33 ft0.7%
Chicane to Bowling Alley (east)1.40 mi46 ft0.6%
Ruether to stop light @ Bowling Alley0.89 mi49 ft1.0%
Ruether to Rainbow Glen0.47 mi39 ft1.6%
Soledad E From Hideaway to Sierra HWY0.70 mi66 ft1.7%
Sierra HWY NE From Soledad to Linda Vista1.53 mi148 ft1.8%
Sierra HWY Linda Vista to Sand CYN1.43 mi118 ft1.6%
Sierra Hwy Sand to Davenport3.12 mi249 ft1.5%
Sierra HWY Sand Cyn to Davenport3.11 mi249 ft1.5%
Mint Cyn1.72 mi331 ft3.6%
Mint Cyn. Bypass to Agua Dulce Store3.54 mi292 ft0.3%
Mint Canyon Bypass Route1.52 mi289 ft3.4%
Aqua Dulce Cyn Rd from Sierra to Escondido2.33 mi243 ft-2.0%
Its All Downhill3.97 mi545 ft-2.4%
Agua Dulce/Soledad @ Davenport to Mammoth Lane7.37 mi804 ft-2.0%
Agua Dulce Downhill Run @ Davenport to Soledad3.60 mi512 ft-2.7%
Agua Dulce to 140.90 mi226 ft-4.7%
Agua Dulce Rollercoaster3.53 mi476 ft-2.5%
Agua Dulce Downhill 1 Before 140.88 mi285 ft-5.8%
14 to 145.67 mi535 ft-1.7%
Soledad Agua Dulce to Tunnel1.04 mi243 ft1.7%
Soledad Agua Dulce to Sand CYN5.86 mi554 ft-1.1%
Tunnel Riser0.23 mi52 ft4.4%
Soledad Tunnel Descent 0.75 mi318 ft-8.0%
Tunnel Descent0.78 mi341 ft-8.2%
power on ride on0.16 mi16 ft1.8%
Shadow Pines to Sand Canyon1.73 mi115 ft-0.8%
Thursday Night Sprint - CBS Cycling0.86 mi46 ft-0.3%
Sand CYN TT From 76 to Placerita3.25 mi315 ft1.6%
sand canyon half1.47 mi105 ft0.8%
Sand (76) to Placerita (Newhall Ave)10.57 mi801 ft-0.6%
Fwy.14 to Fwy.148.27 mi587 ft-0.3%
Sand + Placerita3.82 mi449 ft2.1%
Sand Canyon to Placerita Canyon2.80 mi331 ft2.1%
Sand Canyon Sprint1.93 mi217 ft2.1%
Placerita to 14 (west)4.98 mi522 ft-1.4%
Placerita End to End West7.28 mi801 ft-1.5%
Placerita to SH first hill. 0.89 mi151 ft3.0%
Placerita (just the hill)0.54 mi131 ft4.6%
NBC Final 3 Sprints3.67 mi538 ft-2.7%
Nature Center to 14 Fwy1.35 mi128 ft-1.5%
Placerita Cyn- Sierra Hwy to 12th2.02 mi141 ft-1.3%
Placerita Canyon Gate Chicane 0.06 mi3 ft0.3%
Placerita Canyon, Sierra Highway to Railroad Ave.1.25 mi82 ft-1.2%
South Fork Dirt OV to MMP1.46 mi43 ft-0.5%
Long South Fork TT1.48 mi56 ft-0.7%
South Fork 2.5km1.57 mi59 ft-0.7%
SOUTH FORK SPRINT0.79 mi20 ft-0.5%
Under bridge to corner0.34 mi13 ft-0.7%
The Dip!0.10 mi3 ft-0.4%