Hilly 50 2018 route

Running Route

48.64 mi
9,394 ft
Westcountry Ultra Hilly 50 miler new route
Created By
Dave Urwin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2 mile to the top1.86 mi610 ft5.9%
Greenaleigh Lower Rd Climb0.38 mi364 ft17.8%
Greenaleigh Lower Rd Climb0.30 mi299 ft18.7%
South West Coast Path Climb0.52 mi197 ft7.0%
Porlock Bay Coastal Path mid section (due West)0.70 mi13 ft0.2%
Worthy Toll Rd Climb0.24 mi174 ft13.3%
South West Coast Path Climb0.23 mi174 ft14.0%
Crook Horn Hill Climb0.52 mi348 ft12.7%
Crook Horn Hill Climb0.36 mi151 ft7.6%
Dunkery Descent2.26 mi-1,017 ft-8.5%
Doverhay Climb0.32 mi151 ft8.4%
New Road Climb0.31 mi174 ft10.3%
F'ing steep0.15 mi138 ft17.2%
South West Coast Path Climb0.19 mi131 ft12.8%
Porlock Bay Coastal Path mid section (due East)0.72 mi-16 ft-0.3%
Hill Rd Climb1.26 mi896 ft13.4%
Hurlstone Direct0.48 mi646 ft25.4%
Bossington Hill Climb0.33 mi538 ft30.3%
Church St Climb0.23 mi171 ft13.2%
Seaward Way0.94 mi23 ft0.5%