Past Month

Immortal Stourhead Half Bike Route 2018

Cycling Route

91.57 km
1,277 m
3 laps anti clockwise laps
Created By
Jody F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Stourton Ln / New Rd Jct.3.23 km51 m1.6%
New Road Climb0.76 km4 m0.1%
New Rd race to the top1.85 km26 m1.4%
New Road1.37 km28 m2.0%
Druley top to Bruton9.10 km-174 m-1.8%
Gillingham Fast Finish8.09 km-178 m-2.2%
Druley hill descent2.35 km-116 m-4.9%
The, all out to the finish.7.97 km-174 m-2.2%
Druley Hill Max Chat1.27 km-80 m-6.3%
Border cross to Bruton5.48 km-64 m-0.9%
Brewham's Droop4.05 km-51 m-1.1%
Roll to Bean Shot0.23 km-8 m-1.6%
Bruton to Mere A30314.53 km103 m0.5%
Bruton to Redlynch climb1.75 km87 m5.0%
GDW Hilly 1st half10.31 km92 m0.6%
Dropping Lane2.02 km88 m4.3%
Park wall triangle to top dropping lane1.55 km74 m4.8%
Stoney Stoke Blast1.81 km-43 m-2.3%
B3081 Sprint3.96 km-35 m-0.4%
Drag me to Zeals6.82 km69 m0.4%
Hunters Lodge drag5.92 km56 m0.2%
Hunters lodge climb top section0.51 km15 m2.8%
St Georges Sprint0.29 km8 m2.5%
Top down, no top-up!0.86 km-24 m-2.7%
New Road climb0.96 km32 m3.3%
Zeals to B3092 Jct1.05 km-18 m-1.7%