Official West Reading Criterium - Reading Radsport

Cycling Route

0.85 mi
34 ft
The 0.8-mile climb is a fast but deceptive 5 corner criterium. Starting on Penn Ave and 6th street, the course heads through the main street restaurants and bars on an undulating straight away. Turn 1 is now a slightly uphill 90° right. The uphill continues through Turn 2 on Reading Ave back towards 7th Ave. Once the riders and runners get to 7th, it begins a descent into the roundabout on 5th for Turns 3 and 4. The transition to Tulpehocken Street is now more technical at a higher speed. A slight uphill into the final Turn 5 will slow riders a bit into a 60° turn but the finish line is now much closer to the final technical turn. Riders will have to jump early but not so early they run out of speed before the finish.
Created By
Gabe Lloyd

Route and Elevation