Noah's Ride 40

Cycling Route

39.58 mi
1,904 ft
Created By
Meryl Dery
June 2, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
BIKEWAY ---- Sprint To Top! 0.95 mi66 ft1.2%
82 Sprint (Skidmore to Tompkins)0.53 mi30 ft1.0%
Tompkins Rd (W to E)1.27 mi82 ft0.9%
Verbank Cemetery Sprint 0.19 mi-52 ft-5.1%
On The Green Rd (S to N)0.53 mi33 ft1.2%
Oak Summit (S to N) to Altamont2.02 mi82 ft0.8%
Camby to Killearn3.61 mi243 ft1.3%
Just what I needed2.11 mi213 ft1.9%
Hoxie Rd - Killearn Rd1.19 mi-105 ft-0.2%
Hoxie Rd (S to N)1.01 mi89 ft0.7%
Little Rest Road (S to N)1.41 mi-98 ft-0.5%
N Mabbettsville (S to N)3.09 mi266 ft1.6%
Mabbett Sprint0.52 mi144 ft5.1%
Mabbettsville Double Shot0.88 mi167 ft3.6%
Shunpike Rd --- BooYakaSha!!!4.49 mi-643 ft-2.7%
Shunpike/57 descent - Bangall Rd. to 823.56 mi-541 ft-2.9%
82 to S RD0.31 mi-10 ft-0.5%
South Rd2.34 mi194 ft1.5%
South rd to Finnish13.29 mi361 ft0.0%
Oak Summit Rd (N to S)3.43 mi148 ft0.3%
Oak Summit1.11 mi151 ft2.5%
Oak Summit Rd Downhill (N to S)2.34 mi-98 ft-0.8%
Oak Summit N to S from Altamont1.99 mi-95 ft-0.9%
On the Green Rd (N to S)0.51 mi-30 ft-1.1%
Tompkins Rd (E to W)1.24 mi-69 ft-0.9%
82 Sprint (Tompkins to Skidmore)0.54 mi-49 ft-1.2%
Hammer-Hard3.53 mi-118 ft-0.6%
Gidley - Skidmore (to Mountain Rd)2.24 mi-98 ft-0.8%
Gidley Rd (E to W)1.52 mi-92 ft-1.1%
Finnish Ln 3K1.92 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Finnish Ln 1K Sprint0.62 mi-7 ft0.0%