Hard Coe're 40

Cycling Route

39.65 mi
9,829 ft
Tour of South Coe
Created By
Bob Steed

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jim Donnelly Climb to Steer Ridge Rd3.23 mi1,316 ft7.7%
Up JD to E. connector0.91 mi459 ft9.5%
JDT to the Picnic Table1.24 mi643 ft9.2%
JD-Final Climb0.60 mi220 ft6.9%
Gilroy Hot Springs Rd Climb0.98 mi436 ft8.4%
Spit up segment0.35 mi194 ft10.3%
WP Roll In "Pin It"0.24 mi-89 ft-6.0%
TriTip2.14 mi-1,686 ft-14.7%
Grab your sack0.62 mi-489 ft-14.8%
Lyman Wilson finish at Wagon Rd3.10 mi1,257 ft7.5%
Lyman Wilson - middle0.58 mi489 ft15.8%
Lyman-Willson, the Wall0.14 mi167 ft21.3%
Lyman Wilson - top 1/31.32 mi755 ft10.8%
Upper Bowl Trail Eastbound1.01 mi-98 ft-0.0%
Steer Ridge Wall - camp Willson to top of Lyman-Willson0.59 mi404 ft12.8%
Actual Serpentine DH Only!0.78 mi-597 ft-14.4%
Serpentine DH - Split 10.40 mi-269 ft-12.4%
Grizzly Gulch Serpentine to Rock Tower2.91 mi-289 ft-1.7%
Tule Pond to Dexter climb1.60 mi200 ft0.8%
Unnamed Road Climb0.42 mi404 ft18.1%
Grizzley Gulch Climb Only0.71 mi210 ft5.1%
DH Grizzley From Rock Tower to Spike Jones2.28 mi-968 ft-7.4%
Grizzly Speed Trap0.19 mi-223 ft-22.3%
Switchback to GG Crossing0.77 mi-673 ft-16.5%
GG - Up and out thru PO hell0.47 mi-125 ft-1.4%
Coit Road (initial climb from GHS road)0.59 mi269 ft8.6%
Anza Jackson finish at post2.10 mi1,263 ft11.4%
Elderberry0.55 mi-52 ft-1.2%
DH Kelly Lake (from Wagon)0.87 mi-541 ft-11.3%
Kelly Lk Steep Shit Proper end point0.49 mi-479 ft-18.5%
Coit Road (Coit Lake to Willow Ridge) 0.75 mi361 ft9.1%
Cross Canyon pure DH from Willow Ridge Rd1.60 mi-801 ft-9.4%
Cross Canyon Trail - CrissCross the Kelly Creek1.03 mi-89 ft-1.6%
Cross Canyon1.45 mi-1,778 ft-0.0%
Domino Pond (Wagon to Cattle Duster)1.02 mi-289 ft-3.3%
Domino, Grapevine, Anza Super D4.92 mi-1,293 ft-5.0%
Domino Pond Trail DH to Rock Tower Trial0.66 mi-243 ft-7.0%
Domino Pond and Grapevine DH2.94 mi-1,161 ft-7.5%
Domino Top to Grapevine Super D2.00 mi-1,040 ft-9.8%
Grapevine 20181.14 mi-633 ft-10.5%
DH Grapevine to Creek Crossing0.76 mi-453 ft-11.2%
Grapevine Rock Graden0.36 mi-233 ft-12.1%
DH Grapevine Bottom Section0.26 mi-194 ft-14.0%
Anza (Grapevine to Jackson)1.07 mi344 ft6.0%
Anza (Grapevine to Coit)1.66 mi-443 ft-2.1%
Anza DH - the 10th0.79 mi-420 ft-10.0%
Coit Road DH0.63 mi-233 ft-6.7%
Coit Jet Ski0.16 mi-56 ft-5.2%
Steer Ridge all Downhill.1.19 mi-1,263 ft-20.1%
Steer Ridge Speed Check0.12 mi-167 ft-25.1%