Dales Sunday 2018

Cycling Route

52.18 mi
4,669 ft
Created By
The Wheeler
July 20, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Raikes climb0.61 mi171 ft5.3%
Escape from the castle0.16 mi30 ft3.0%
Grassington Rd climb0.63 mi174 ft5.2%
3rd quarter Cracoe 10TT2.75 mi105 ft0.7%
Craven Heifer to Kilnsey Sign TT9.73 mi187 ft0.2%
Whack it in the Gutter like5.56 mi161 ft0.1%
Rylstone climb sprint2.12 mi105 ft0.6%
B6265 climb1.04 mi75 ft1.4%
4th quarter Cracoe 10TT2.44 mi95 ft0.4%
Raikes Kicker0.27 mi66 ft4.4%
Cracoe to Threshfield2.26 mi115 ft-0.8%
Quarry smash0.61 mi33 ft-1.0%
Linton junction to top of threshfield bank0.80 mi69 ft1.7%
Updale Sprint2.97 mi118 ft-0.0%
Threshfield to Arncliffe6.60 mi167 ft0.3%
Efac Dash0.80 mi43 ft1.0%
Arncliffe to Malham Tarn5.21 mi617 ft1.9%
Arncliffe proper1.21 mi551 ft8.6%
Arncliffe Killer0.44 mi312 ft13.3%
Tennant Gill Drag1.79 mi243 ft2.6%
Henside2.42 mi453 ft-2.3%
Dales Lung Buster0.18 mi85 ft8.9%
SPEEEEEED!0.96 mi423 ft-8.4%
Force Wood Climb0.19 mi62 ft6.0%
one tree hill0.71 mi148 ft3.9%
One Tree Hill (Bottom Barn to the tree)0.29 mi82 ft5.2%
quary to pub2.54 mi243 ft-1.7%
Blind banking.0.52 mi161 ft-5.8%
Austwick Descent1.34 mi184 ft-2.6%
Penyghent View South0.20 mi20 ft1.8%
Town Centre Sprint0.29 mi20 ft1.4%
Final sprint for home0.15 mi75 ft9.3%
White Rose Classic - High Hill Lane2.34 mi712 ft5.8%
Settle to Airton5.81 mi738 ft-0.1%
Black Gill Lane - Airton4.41 mi686 ft-1.9%
End of climb to start of decent to Airton1.10 mi79 ft-0.3%
Descent to Airton3.13 mi643 ft-3.9%
Airton to Bridge0.92 mi105 ft-1.7%
Airton to Gargrave4.02 mi230 ft-1.1%
Cheeky Little Rise0.14 mi13 ft1.3%
Throstle Nest to Eshton Rd1.24 mi138 ft-2.1%
left hander BOSH0.16 mi30 ft3.0%
LSCC SPRINT 0.60 mi20 ft-0.5%
Gargrave Sign Sprint0.42 mi7 ft-0.2%
Pub to Pub2.10 mi154 ft0.0%
Tea Belly Hill0.69 mi154 ft3.3%
church street 1st climb0.26 mi89 ft6.5%
church street 2nd climb0.24 mi59 ft3.2%
Broughton to Heslaker Lane0.95 mi49 ft-1.0%
Broughton Road Drag1.66 mi30 ft0.2%