ACC Monyash 54mls

Cycling Route

54.17 mi
4,239 ft
Created By
Easy R
February 22, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
B5056 to Parwich1.33 mi69 ft0.4%
Out Of Parwich1.05 mi207 ft3.6%
parwich to uppermoor farm turning2.60 mi518 ft3.7%
Parwich to A5152.84 mi545 ft3.6%
Col De Parwich2.62 mi512 ft3.7%
Cardlemere Ln Climb1.42 mi305 ft4.1%
Lower Longdale2.22 mi138 ft1.1%
watch out for cow sh*t.3.55 mi279 ft1.4%
Long Dale4.23 mi335 ft1.5%
longdale short3.13 mi226 ft1.3%
B5054 drag to Earl Sterndale descent4.75 mi440 ft1.7%
Top of Longdale to Pilsbury Road0.91 mi89 ft1.8%
East Sterndale A1.21 mi217 ft3.3%
Straight drag0.55 mi230 ft-7.9%
Time for a rest0.53 mi223 ft-8.0%
Climb through Chelmorton1.44 mi230 ft3.0%
Short blast0.14 mi36 ft4.5%
Highstone Ln0.68 mi141 ft3.2%
Marston incline0.38 mi112 ft5.5%
Cross/Flagg lane drop1.87 mi305 ft-3.0%
TT Cafe sprint1.38 mi89 ft-1.0%
Hubber Dale Dash1.14 mi89 ft-1.5%
The Rake Climb1.03 mi282 ft5.2%
The Rake - to the top1.38 mi269 ft3.6%
Rake hill sprint0.20 mi69 ft6.5%
Long Rake first half1.70 mi148 ft-0.7%
Sprint out of the dip0.29 mi69 ft4.2%
Newhaven to Parwich Turn1.72 mi197 ft-1.7%
Newhaven to Winster turn2.59 mi187 ft-1.0%
Pikehall Pursuit0.71 mi69 ft0.2%
Pikehall Power0.70 mi59 ft1.6%
Condition hairy2.17 mi180 ft1.1%
Another KOM by that pesky Clark0.44 mi92 ft4.0%
Punch to the Folly0.38 mi39 ft1.3%
Ryders Ready1.29 mi102 ft1.4%
Wind turbine2.54 mi200 ft-0.9%
Ryders Steady0.66 mi138 ft-3.7%
Hopton Descent0.45 mi115 ft-4.8%
Ryders GO!0.26 mi108 ft7.7%
Flat out sprint0.34 mi167 ft-9.1%
fist punch having a moment1.83 mi210 ft-1.9%
B5035 Carsington to Brassington Turn1.08 mi102 ft1.7%
Carsington New Road2.65 mi171 ft-0.2%
Duathlon start1.98 mi171 ft0.9%
Damn Drag0.28 mi62 ft4.0%
Gorse Lane chicanes0.98 mi128 ft-2.5%
Hulland descent to Ashbourne4.12 mi344 ft-1.6%
Belper Road Descent to Ashbourne3.32 mi236 ft-1.2%
Bradley to Ashbourne2.03 mi187 ft-1.6%
bradley cross to belper road bump1.71 mi187 ft-1.9%