Spencer's Fruit Farm - Wickham St Paul

Cycling Route

50.43 mi
2,684 ft
Created By
The Wheeler
August 13, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Horringer Rd0.55 mi79 ft2.6%
Vinery Road to Whepetead3.47 mi207 ft0.9%
Bury ti Hawkedon Queen7.22 mi197 ft0.2%
Whepstead rd southwards1.07 mi115 ft2.0%
Pages Hill0.26 mi49 ft3.5%
Whepstead to Rede2.32 mi95 ft0.8%
to the pub1.68 mi161 ft-1.3%
Hawkedon Hill Descent to T Jn0.60 mi79 ft-2.2%
Queens Head approach0.21 mi30 ft2.2%
Past Brook's Wood1.04 mi82 ft1.0%
Stansfield Windmill climb0.24 mi75 ft5.8%
Stansfield ascent2.12 mi187 ft1.4%
Stansfield Grind0.75 mi138 ft3.4%
Stansfield to Clare3.87 mi233 ft-0.2%
Poslingford climb0.41 mi59 ft2.6%
Rattle ya Bones0.95 mi59 ft-1.1%
Through Clare0.80 mi23 ft-0.5%
Hickford Hill Stretch1.93 mi89 ft0.3%
Hickford Hill0.42 mi98 ft4.5%
Monks pond0.25 mi36 ft2.6%
Church Street to Belchamp0.80 mi39 ft0.8%
Otten Road Link0.50 mi10 ft0.1%
Tele box to Post box0.36 mi33 ft-1.7%
Nether Hill0.32 mi72 ft4.0%
X2T2.08 mi66 ft0.4%
Mill House Hill0.24 mi23 ft1.4%
March for Coffee0.85 mi46 ft0.9%
Wickham Straight0.76 mi43 ft-1.0%
Hedingham Road1.12 mi108 ft1.3%
dash to Bulmer turn0.75 mi20 ft0.4%
climb to Smeetham Hall Road0.33 mi30 ft1.5%
Borley Drag0.50 mi75 ft2.8%
Borley Blast1.05 mi85 ft-1.5%
Borley sprint0.38 mi66 ft-3.3%
Lower Rd to Foxearth (School Ln)1.45 mi75 ft1.0%
Foxearth Fishery Stretch0.33 mi20 ft-0.7%
Skate's Hill Incline0.34 mi102 ft5.5%
Glemsford climb from A10920.99 mi151 ft2.8%
Glemsford to Boxted flats1.38 mi52 ft0.7%
Drag past east hills wood.0.32 mi30 ft1.8%
Hartest Ridge Climb (Lawshall)1.99 mi154 ft1.5%
4 Mile to maglia 4.06 mi135 ft-0.2%
Attack attack!!0.46 mi59 ft1.8%
Harrow Green to Hawstead Green2.10 mi125 ft-1.1%
sprint to Maglia Rosso0.56 mi69 ft-1.5%
Whorested hurry-up....1.00 mi79 ft-1.0%
SPEEDTRAP SPRINT0.14 mi16 ft-1.9%
Nowton Park Sprint0.18 mi7 ft-0.4%
roundabout to cafe0.60 mi39 ft-0.7%
rugby club/wyvale straight (reverse)0.35 mi26 ft-0.5%