Cycling Route

52.57 mi
3,240 ft
Created By
James Coudright (Ignite Bike Fit Studio)

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clayton Rd: Baxter to Clarkson2.45 mi85 ft0.3%
Clayton Road: Kehrs Mill to Clarkson0.95 mi-52 ft-0.3%
Bike Lane Ends0.25 mi36 ft2.7%
Valley-Shepard Reps5.86 mi276 ft0.2%
Shepard South3.08 mi279 ft1.7%
Shepard Rd - Orrville to Eatherton2.91 mi272 ft1.8%
Shepard Climb 0.56 mi151 ft5.1%
Shepard Rd1.22 mi187 ft2.9%
Shepard Breakaway0.45 mi72 ft2.0%
Old Eatherton Sprint0.67 mi-36 ft-0.8%
Rieger Rd - Pond to Wildhourse1.87 mi223 ft2.1%
Climb 2 Long Group Ride1.07 mi184 ft3.2%
Rieger Rd0.53 mi138 ft4.9%
Rieger, Incline to Wildhorse1.02 mi138 ft2.6%
Use Bombing Down Wild Horse Creek from Rieger1.35 mi-243 ft-3.4%
Ossenfort - Wild Hourse Creek to Ossenfort Peak1.89 mi213 ft2.0%
Iowa City’s Austin Fort 1.63 mi184 ft2.1%
Climbing the fort of Ossenfort0.45 mi171 ft7.0%
One minute Ossenfort repeat0.22 mi115 ft9.5%
Pushing Your Luck0.62 mi-174 ft-5.3%
Little Tavern S.Bound3.27 mi295 ft1.6%
Crabapple Tree Sprint0.19 mi-0 ft-0.1%
Little Tavern (Climb to Old Manchester)2.82 mi259 ft1.7%
Little Tavern Climb0.92 mi253 ft5.2%
Little Tav to Bouquet Sprint1.25 mi-210 ft-3.1%
Fox Creek Dash2.03 mi-95 ft-0.9%
Fox Creek Run3.96 mi-121 ft-0.4%
Fox Creek 100 to 443.01 mi-125 ft-0.7%
Fox Creek/Allenton, 100 to Melrose8.56 mi423 ft0.5%
Fox Creek Rd South from 100 to almost 442.39 mi-66 ft-0.5%
Last Fox Creek Bump0.27 mi161 ft7.5%
6 Flags Climb1.58 mi354 ft4.2%
Allenton Rd1.45 mi374 ft4.8%
E-Challenge1.80 mi364 ft3.8%
Six Flags Hill 1.32 mi344 ft4.9%
Allenton to Hencken1.70 mi354 ft3.9%
Sneak Attack0.18 mi16 ft1.7%
Post Office to Hill Top0.62 mi98 ft2.4%
Cubs Eat Silly Red Song Birds for Breakfast0.57 mi89 ft2.6%
Glencoe Descent2.91 mi-318 ft-2.1%
Gate to Park Office Sprint1.08 mi-174 ft-3.0%
Rockwood Reservation Sprint2.08 mi-141 ft-1.3%
Woods1.58 mi305 ft3.6%
Woods Climb 1.42 mi285 ft3.8%
Schnucks Hill / Cherry HIlls0.27 mi26 ft1.3%
Old Fairway Sprint0.46 mi-43 ft-0.1%
Three roundabouts0.99 mi49 ft0.5%
Old State TT (Old Fairway to Manchester)2.11 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Old State Sprint Home0.20 mi-13 ft-0.6%
Clayton Rd East from Clarkson to Kehrs Mill0.96 mi36 ft0.3%