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Truckee ❤️ 29 mile loop

Running Route

28.2 mi
3,408 ft
start/finish downtown truckee. mostly 25 ish miles of trails, 4 ish miles of pavement.
Created By
Jenelle Potvin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jiboom to Northwoods climb1.65 mi387 ft4.4%
Trout Creek, dip to bridge0.89 mi203 ft4.2%
Main Power Lines Climb2.28 mi535 ft4.4%
No place like home - uphill1.31 mi203 ft2.8%
Copenhagen Drive Climb0.52 mi148 ft5.3%
Running from Dragons0.46 mi30 ft0.7%
If you get this segment you're the all time champ0.17 mi20 ft2.3%
The Teton Way - First Climb0.48 mi174 ft6.8%
Johnson Canyon Overlook Uphill1.04 mi207 ft2.7%
Alan S. Hart Fwy Climb0.64 mi292 ft8.5%
Alan S. Hart Fwy Climb0.58 mi236 ft7.7%
Hwy 80 Parking to Hwy 403.77 mi-282 ft-0.5%
Pacific Crest Trail - First 1.51.51 mi-154 ft-1.4%
Donner Summit Rd Climb0.80 mi279 ft6.6%
Donner Hills (CCW)1.52 mi131 ft1.6%
south shore DH0.25 mi-98 ft-7.3%
Singletrack Fun lake to lake1.03 mi89 ft0.0%