Past Month

The Mini Mofo Ride

Cycling Route

27.76 mi
3,857 ft
Created By
National Ability Center

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
sneak-in to P lot0.14 mi26 ft2.7%
Rail Trail Richardson Flat to Bonanza2.16 mi187 ft1.6%
Flat to House Uphill1.05 mi75 ft1.3%
Silverstar to Chair Lift1.07 mi308 ft5.4%
Armstrong Segment 1 to King Con Chair1.21 mi348 ft5.4%
Relentless: Armstrong>MM>Start of Pinecone4.72 mi1,473 ft5.9%
Full Armstrong to Pincone start4.61 mi1,460 ft6.0%
Silver Star climb0.13 mi56 ft7.9%
chair to bench3.21 mi991 ft5.8%
Armstrong. Bottom to top/Midmountain trail3.95 mi1,230 ft5.9%
Lower Armstrong1.08 mi295 ft5.2%
Armstrong to Ham2.95 mi915 ft5.8%
Armstrong to Ham Trail2.84 mi965 ft6.4%
My Armstrong segment4.02 mi1,273 ft6.0%
Armstrong to Mid Mountain3.89 mi1,339 ft6.5%
arm-mid4.03 mi1,286 ft6.0%
armstrong4.28 mi1,368 ft6.0%
Armstrong Start to Spiro Down5.66 mi1,457 ft4.4%
Armstrong Climb + MM switchbacks4.25 mi1,365 ft6.1%
armstrong trail5.60 mi1,289 ft3.9%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.74 mi272 ft6.9%
Mid Armstrong1.89 mi564 ft5.7%
Armstrong Segment 2 King Con to Ham Trail1.89 mi591 ft5.9%
W Snow S Ln Climb0.71 mi266 ft7.0%
Ham to Mid Mountain 1.21 mi469 ft7.3%
rock it0.19 mi59 ft5.6%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.92 mi364 ft7.4%
Ham Trail to start of Pinecone1.45 mi522 ft6.8%
Upper Armstrong0.81 mi299 ft7.0%
Arm/mid mtn to pinecone0.44 mi151 ft6.4%
Pine Cone to Spiro DOWN1.14 mi-174 ft-2.7%
Powerline Climb to Thaynes0.52 mi279 ft10.0%
Powerline NF-029 Climb2.07 mi1,004 ft9.2%
Mid-mountain to Shadow Lake1.35 mi712 ft9.9%
MMT to base of Puke Hill2.30 mi1,119 ft9.2%
power line0.70 mi315 ft8.5%
lower power line0.35 mi203 ft10.8%
NF-029 & Puke Hill0.80 mi531 ft12.5%
NF-029 to Puke Hill0.27 mi135 ft9.4%
The Real Hill0.48 mi315 ft12.3%
Puke Hill - Actual0.43 mi285 ft12.5%
Puke Pinecone4.43 mi-1,299 ft-4.1%
Puke Hill Straightway0.34 mi269 ft14.8%
17% Grade0.29 mi217 ft14.1%
Pinecone DH - don't ride sketchy3.70 mi-1,391 ft-7.0%
pinecone 3 miler dh2.56 mi-892 ft-6.6%
Official Pinecone DH3.02 mi-1,138 ft-7.1%
The Green Mile0.89 mi-387 ft-8.2%
Lower Pinecone2.10 mi-659 ft-6.0%
pinecone final speed shred1.35 mi-410 ft-5.8%