Adaptive Crew

Cycling Route

9.62 mi
762 ft
Created By
National Ability Center
September 20, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Nf 029 Climb0.65 mi308 ft8.9%
Thee Ultimate Puke Hill - Gate to Top1.13 mi600 ft10.1%
The Real Hill0.48 mi315 ft12.3%
Puke Hill - Actual0.43 mi285 ft12.5%
Puke Pinecone4.43 mi-1,299 ft-4.1%
Puke Hill Straightway0.34 mi269 ft14.8%
17% Grade0.29 mi217 ft14.1%
Pinecone>MM>Spiro DH8.54 mi-2,897 ft-6.4%
Pinecone DH - don't ride sketchy3.70 mi-1,391 ft-7.0%
pinecone 3 miler dh2.56 mi-892 ft-6.6%
Official Pinecone DH3.02 mi-1,138 ft-7.1%
The Green Mile0.89 mi-387 ft-8.2%
Lower Pinecone2.10 mi-659 ft-6.0%
pinecone final speed shred1.35 mi-410 ft-5.8%
Pine Cone to Spiro DOWN1.14 mi-174 ft-2.7%
armstrong/midmountain to spiro intersection descent1.13 mi-174 ft-2.6%
Pinecone to Spiro on Mid Mountain1.08 mi-151 ft-2.6%
Complete Spiro DH '173.22 mi-1,191 ft-7.0%
Spiro DH3.04 mi-1,250 ft-7.8%
FULL SPIRO 2.74 mi-1,063 ft-7.3%
Upper Spiro0.95 mi-354 ft-7.1%
Spiro Top0.91 mi-361 ft-7.5%
UPPER SPIRO0.89 mi-358 ft-7.6%
mid spiro down0.51 mi-226 ft-6.2%
Lower Spiro1.90 mi-814 ft-7.5%
LOWER SPIRO1.63 mi-715 ft-8.3%
Bottom Spiro DH0.84 mi-449 ft-9.5%
railing the pro line0.88 mi-456 ft-9.5%
Spanking Spiro0.75 mi-397 ft-9.8%