Whitworth Lane

Cycling Route

25.34 km
315 m
Created By
Durham University Cycling Club
October 26, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
S Rd Climb0.51 km29 m5.7%
Col d'University1.91 km40 m2.1%
Ustinov Climb0.65 km25 m3.1%
Science site to hill colleges0.50 km19 m3.3%
wadding hams challenge3.80 km-55 m-0.8%
A167 Downhill1.80 km-41 m-2.2%
cock of the north to browney1.64 km-45 m-2.7%
Wear to Hett Junc.0.25 km11 m4.3%
Sunderland Bridge to Hett Climb1.73 km59 m3.3%
Hett Hump0.99 km41 m4.1%
Hett to Coach and Horses1.25 km10 m0.7%
Coach-Coppice Sprint0.79 km-5 m-0.3%
Butchers Race to 5 Ln Ends1.34 km-17 m-1.2%
York Hill to Cemetry1.05 km-7 m-0.6%
Durham Road (Home)0.54 km-7 m-1.1%
spennymoor climb0.90 km23 m2.5%
Whitworth Lane Drop3.12 km-90 m-2.9%
Whitworth Lights to Page Bank3.02 km-85 m-2.8%
Whitworth lane south to north5.19 km-84 m-0.5%
Page Bank Dive Bomb!0.86 km-57 m-6.6%
Speed trap!0.30 km-37 m-11.9%
Whitworth Lane Climb2.11 km43 m2.0%
Brancepeth Climb from Whitworth Lane3.51 km66 m1.9%
Brancepeth to Langley Moor 5.63 km-58 m-0.7%
Brancepeth to Brandon Docs2.37 km-10 m-0.0%
sawmills to stonebridge2.82 km-46 m-1.5%
Brandon traffic lights to Stone Bridge2.51 km-46 m-1.7%
Old Police House Lights to Black Road1.01 km-18 m-1.8%
Sports Centre to Mill Road0.37 km-9 m-2.3%
Sports Centre to Roundabout1.82 km-28 m-1.4%
North Brancepeth Close Climb0.57 km105 m18.2%
Boyne to Stonebridge0.75 km-40 m-0.8%
Lowe's Barn bank (uphill)0.48 km34 m7.0%
Lowes Barn Bank (without running red light)0.44 km32 m7.3%
Lowe's barn kick0.41 km30 m6.9%
Potters Droop0.85 km-25 m-2.7%
Speedy Roundabout0.20 km-11 m-5.5%