Past Week

30K 950M 4HRS > SHEK O

Running Route

29.94 km
926 m
Created By
Martin Guido

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
YiuHing Stairs0.26 km53 m20.0%
Mount Parker Contour4.08 km99 m1.3%
Trail Climb0.59 km49 m8.3%
Trail Climb0.44 km60 m13.5%
石澳道110號 Climb0.48 km68 m13.6%
hk 8 flat trail (reverse)2.00 km3 m0.1%
石澳道21號 Climb0.41 km75 m18.4%
Dragon's Back1.59 km69 m0.2%
石澳道21號 Climb0.63 km64 m10.0%
Descent from Dragon's Back0.19 km-28 m-14.2%
HK Trail 8, flat trail section2.08 km-4 m-0.2%
Cape Collinson / HK Trail Sec. 81.25 km-18 m-0.7%
Cape Collinson Rd Climb0.46 km46 m10.0%
Descent end of HK Trail1.35 km-151 m-11.2% - HK Trail sketchy finish to BWB1.39 km-184 m-13.1%
Big Wave Bay to Shek O1.82 km-36 m-1.0%
Bwb to Shek'O/Bwb Rd About0.87 km-42 m-2.1%
Shek O - Roundabout to roundabout0.87 km-20 m-2.2%
Toughen-up Buttercup3.56 km173 m4.8%
Shek O Beach to Big Wave Bay2.08 km37 m0.4%
Rd About shek'o/BWB to Bwb0.60 km40 m1.7%
Big Wave Bay Rd Climb0.58 km41 m6.9%
Big Wave Bay ascent to HK Trail Section 81.41 km167 m11.8%
HK Trail Reverse Section 8 (road) | ḁї1.00 km16 m1.4%
大潭道 Climb0.59 km116 m19.4%
Stairs up0.17 km68 m39.6%