Grove Grind 100 - Northern Beaches

Cycling Route

100.35 km
1,743 m
This ride is designed for Gravel/CX bikes with 38mm+ tubeless tyres. Mountain bikes also welcome if you're up for some road sector slogs. Road bikes won't survive. Overview: Start at Market Lane Cafe, Manly A brief tour of North Head Manly Beach to Manly Dam Firetrails Pipeline Track to Davidson The Cascades to Acron to St Ives Showground Cafe/water/food stop @35km - The Tasting Deck, Terrey Hills Firetrails to Duffy's and out to Long Track Return Long Track to Perimeter Trail to McCarrs Duck Holes Firetrail to McCarrs Climb Chiltern Trail then descend Cabbage Tree Rd to Warriewood Road/Cyclepaths to Warriewood Beach/Headland Turimetta look out to Narrabeen Lagoon 'Pelican Path' North side Lagoon Cycle Paths to Academy of Sport Up Red Hill Garden Of Gullies (not Drop Zone) Over Red Hill Main Trail to exit at Brooker Ave Road to Beacon Hill Rd then descend to Brookie Lunch and beers at Nomad Brewery Cruise back to Manly for ride end/swim.
Created By
Dave M
November 13, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bluefish Drive Climb0.59 km21 m3.4%
Pave´ Dash0.74 km10 m-0.5%
Hurts in the sand0.52 km12 m2.2%
Gave Yard1.10 km13 m-0.8%
Up the Ladder0.29 km8 m-1.3%
North Head Bend0.76 km11 m-0.5%
North Head Sprint West0.35 km5 m0.9%
drifther0.24 km7 m-2.5%
Club to Club0.60 km6 m-0.2%
Secret Single Track0.56 km5 m-0.0%
Sandy Link North0.65 km9 m-0.8%
SST (JUST THE DIRT)0.27 km7 m-1.7%
Campbell Crossover0.88 km21 m2.4%
Campbell Pde - MVPS0.71 km48 m6.6%
Last painful hill0.21 km14 m6.2%
School to Kalaui St0.87 km16 m1.2%
Manly Vale PS to Bantry Bay Reserve2.07 km60 m2.7%
Section 21.24 km54 m3.5%
Manly Cycles - Sprint to the Hill Challenge0.47 km8 m1.4%
Grassy Knoll to bowlo1.74 km50 m2.8%
Kalaui St to Mons Road singletrack start0.93 km21 m2.2%
TBM 2nd single to Golf entrance0.77 km19 m2.1%
Lanterne Rouge Segment - climb to golf course carpark0.22 km15 m6.8%
MD Split 4 - Park Sprint0.39 km4 m0.2%
Judith through the Possum...2.97 km33 m1.1%
Popeye & Olive Oyl0.92 km11 m0.6%
Transition Stage - Ghania 2 Possums0.73 km16 m2.0%
Da wae0.55 km8 m1.4%
Bluto0.33 km8 m1.6%
Possum Tail0.10 km2 m1.4%
Take me home Hill1.07 km35 m3.3%
Kevin Costner0.60 km23 m3.8%
Foot Path World Championships0.54 km3 m0.2%
Busby Circuit - Sorlie Climb0.42 km33 m7.9%
Stone Parade descent to creek, Cascades.1.67 km86 m-5.1%
Down Cascades and up Acron3.13 km129 m1.6%
Stone to French's Creek Track Downhill0.91 km71 m-7.8%
Acron Hill, Garigal1.46 km128 m8.8%
Acron Climb Proper1.44 km132 m9.1%
Caascades climb to Acron Oval1.46 km127 m8.7%
Cascade Track Up-hill to Douglas St0.89 km70 m7.8%
Acron sprint for glory0.17 km11 m6.2%
Phil's Sneaky1.21 km42 m1.1%
Wildflower Singletrack Up0.59 km18 m2.9%
Mona Vale Rd - Showground Berg0.71 km13 m-0.5%
Showground to cnr MVR0.72 km13 m1.5%
Mona Vale Rd Climb0.64 km8 m1.2%
St Ives Singletrack East (eastbound)0.85 km21 m2.0%
Mona Vale Forest run0.50 km7 m0.5%
The Concrete Monster0.12 km20 m16.9%