Past Week

Jeffcott's Hills #3

Cycling Route

49.83 km
844 m
Created By
Durham University Cycling Club
November 9, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bow School to allotments1.14 km19 m1.3%
New Inn to Roundabout0.34 km7 m1.9%
School Run0.84 km13 m1.3%
Crossgate Peth Climb0.73 km36 m3.4%
Bears in Durham!3.08 km70 m1.8%
Lights to the bridge, (Midge Ure)1.10 km-13 m-0.8%
Bearpark full climb2.25 km78 m3.5%
Browney Bank1.54 km78 m4.7%
Bearpark - Wicks Climb8.68 km146 m1.6%
Bearpark1.67 km67 m4.0%
hill sprint special0.32 km15 m4.2%
Esh & Quebec right to the top4.85 km68 m1.4%
Down and Out of Esh0.62 km-36 m-5.7%
Wilks Hill1.35 km37 m2.6%
Quebec to Wilks Hill1.32 km37 m2.7%
Wilks Hill past Click em In to junction0.94 km14 m1.5%
Quick road sprint0.74 km12 m1.6%
Rag decent2.09 km-101 m-4.7%
Ragpath Decent1.10 km-79 m-7.2%
Ragpath Ln. Climb0.61 km32 m5.2%
Humberhill North Climb+Descent to Junction2.30 km80 m0.3%
Humberhill North Descent to Junction1.07 km-71 m-6.5%
Output Flat1.79 km-15 m-0.6%
Outputs Lane Climb2.20 km98 m4.4%
Outputs climb and Longedge descent6.32 km97 m0.1%
Longedge Lane - Highhouse Ln to Humberhill Ln4.15 km-91 m-2.2%
Longedge Ln Climb0.35 km-14 m-4.0%
five lane ends2.42 km-53 m-2.2%
Five Lane ends climb back toward Lanchester0.90 km31 m3.3%
B6296 Decent to Lanchester2.63 km-87 m-3.1%
Decent to Lanchester1.92 km-73 m-3.8%
BOMB LANCHESTER!!!0.70 km-64 m-9.1%
Maiden Law Bank Climb1.70 km111 m6.5%
Edge Ln Climb1.63 km117 m7.2%
Edge Lane2.13 km28 m0.9%
Pebble2.15 km27 m0.9%
Langley Lane Sprint1.07 km-30 m-1.7%
Sprint to Broomhouse2.15 km-18 m-0.3%
windy sprint2.70 km-22 m-0.4%
Edgenberg0.47 km13 m2.7%
scrapyard challenge1.10 km-61 m-5.4%
Sacriston Town Climb1.02 km42 m4.1%
Sacriston to Fram2.96 km-71 m-2.3%
Head down and charge0.74 km-41 m-5.5%
Sprint to Potterhouse Lane1.25 km-52 m-4.1%
Sacriston ramp2.08 km-65 m-3.1%
The school run1.48 km-14 m-0.9%
Framwellgate Peth Down1.44 km-65 m-4.5%
Down the Peth.0.80 km-37 m-4.5%
Prebends Climb0.16 km17 m10.5%