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Mandai Loop

Cycling Route

40.43 km
588 m
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Mike ?

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Longhouse to Sin Ming Ave1.17 km7 m0.6%
Bishan Cafe thru' Monkey Trail to Top of Mandai9.36 km38 m0.2%
Jasmine Road Climb0.49 km5 m1.0%
Old Upper Thompson Climb1.32 km25 m1.9%
Entrance to Lower Peirce 1.99 km24 m1.2%
Old Upper Thompson4.23 km30 m0.3%
Old Upper Thomson Forest Monkey Trail to Upper Thomson2.78 km-30 m-0.6%
RT Casuarina to Mandai Shell11.71 km-38 m-0.3%
Monkey Mile1.56 km6 m0.1%
Singapore slingshot0.52 km-19 m-3.6%
Fly this section!1.24 km-18 m-1.4%
No more Rodalink0.77 km-11 m-1.3%
you pull, you die2.16 km32 m1.2%
Mandai Rd Climb1.02 km16 m1.6%
Mid Mandai Pinch0.58 km18 m3.0%
Top Mandai Rise1.03 km11 m0.5%
Rise 2 Mandai0.57 km13 m2.3%
Mandai (Aft SLE to Mandai Shell)5.43 km-30 m-0.5%
Mandai Climb (Zoo)1.91 km10 m0.5%
Mandai Madness Part 13.23 km-31 m-0.3%
Mandai Rd sprint West down to Zoo turn-off0.73 km-28 m-3.5%
RT Climbers win0.65 km5 m0.5%
Mandai Sprint to Shell1.54 km-18 m-1.0%
400m Dash to Shell0.48 km-7 m-1.4%
JRs 1st sprint point0.84 km-13 m-1.5%
Mandai to Senja Way3.26 km-7 m-0.0%
Shell @ Mandai to Stagmont Foot Bridge1.92 km5 m0.2%
Mandai Shell to Jalan Anak Bukit8.47 km32 m0.3%
Virgin Tarmac - Ten Mile Junction0.42 km7 m0.0%
RT Col du Batok4.43 km27 m0.6%
The Linear sprint0.69 km4 m0.5%
Dairy Farm Flyover1.01 km14 m0.6%
Jalan Tumpu Climb0.51 km3 m0.6%
RT Ascent to Ford Factory0.74 km13 m1.7%
A Rifle Range Rd Climb1.55 km-15 m-0.5%
Beauty World Underpass to Dog Unit2.95 km-19 m-0.4%
Dunearn Rd to Clementi hill1.57 km13 m0.5%
Florist climb0.38 km21 m5.4%
Clementi Road Hill1.89 km-25 m-0.9%
In Asia, for the world0.15 km-7 m-4.8%
Clementi Rd - MBC4.09 km-3 m-0.0%
West Coast Highway Viaduct5.50 km-14 m-0.2%
Pepys to Alexandra0.96 km7 m0.4%
West Coast H/W 2.5km Blast down to Vivo2.70 km6 m0.1%
RT Final Km Surge1.12 km-2 m-0.2%
RT Sprint finale 0.44 km-2 m-0.3%
Seasucker West Coast Sprint0.33 km2 m0.4%
Crank Dynasty Sprint0.74 km-12 m-1.6%
Keppel wind assist0.62 km-2 m-0.2%
Rushing to work0.84 km-4 m-0.4%