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Lon Cambria

Cycling Route

146.74 km
2,095 m
Created By
Charles Williams

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Entry to Exit1.23 km8 m0.4%
Woodfield Cycle Path0.93 km19 m1.8%
Shelton Reverse0.81 km5 m0.4%
Holyhead Road West4.15 km-36 m-0.7%
Bicton To Montford Climb0.39 km13 m3.4%
The climb of your life0.41 km13 m3.1%
full montford sprint1.25 km-34 m-2.6%
Montford Bridge to Shrawardine4.58 km27 m0.5%
Pentre to Royal Hill1.68 km-3 m-0.0%
Royal hill to Crew Green3.83 km10 m0.2%
Crafts to Crew1.63 km12 m0.5%
Bridge over the Danube0.09 km-4 m-4.1%
Vrynwy Bridge0.16 km9 m5.2%
Mont de Bulthy2.03 km140 m6.9%
Mont de Bulthy2.09 km147 m7.0%
~ Crew Green Kicker (Half) ~0.75 km19 m2.3%
Breidden - Split 20.48 km17 m3.5%
Breidden - Split 30.87 km53 m6.1%
top to Wollaston2.32 km-62 m-2.5%
Trefnant climb full7.33 km220 m2.9%
Segment2.62 km180 m6.9%
Trefnant climb2.08 km161 m7.7%
Hope road downhill - Long Mountain3.53 km-273 m-7.7%
Take me to the river0.76 km-15 m-1.8%
Severn Road Bridge West0.33 km7 m1.5%
red lane to the Belan2.91 km19 m0.1%
Back of the golf course E - W1.78 km-16 m-0.0%
Aberbechan Bridge to Sewage Works1.18 km8 m0.6%
Sewage works to Newtown Canal path2.79 km11 m0.2%
Llanllwchaiarn to newtown canal comute1.70 km-9 m-0.0%
River path Post Office - Dolerw Bridge0.76 km2 m0.1%
Scout hut to top of Trehafren0.42 km25 m6.0%
push it0.44 km28 m5.9%
River run 21.72 km5 m0.2%
River Sprint0.60 km-1 m-0.0%
Short Climb to Tweythern0.30 km16 m5.1%
A44 Climb0.31 km85 m26.9%
A44 Climb4.36 km248 m5.7%
Clochfaen Cottages Climb0.65 km83 m12.7%
Yr Allt down to Blaenycwm1.96 km-165 m-8.4%
B4574 Climb2.66 km85 m3.2%
Hafod to Pont-rhyd-y-groes1.26 km-8 m-0.7%
B4343 Climb0.70 km31 m5.1%
Two (B)e or not to (B)e5.36 km-74 m-1.3%
Pontrhydygroes descent2.20 km-64 m-2.9%
Birch-Grove Eggs to Llanilar on Ystwyth Trail4.38 km-18 m-0.4%
Ystwyth Trail - Birch Grove to Tan-y-Bwlch12.53 km-46 m-0.4%
Secteurs 2 & 36.42 km-31 m-0.5%
Cote de Marw0.58 km25 m4.2%
Tan-y-Bwlch Cycle Path (Rhydyfelin to Aberystwyth)1.69 km-6 m-0.3%