Shaver Hammer 85

Cycling Route

85.06 mi
10,007 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey
January 13, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
HAMMER 201984.04 mi4,541 ft0.0%
Shaver Dam0.87 mi177 ft3.5%
Huntington Lake Rd Climb0.93 mi341 ft6.9%
first hump before the big creek descent0.56 mi246 ft8.2%
Dropping Into Big Creek2.82 mi-1,142 ft-7.4%
Camp Sierra Rd Climb0.98 mi292 ft5.6%
Camp Sierra to Big Creek2.49 mi171 ft1.0%
Big Creek to Stump Spring Road2.13 mi902 ft8.0%
Big Creek to Stump Springs Road1.49 mi797 ft10.1%
Hammer 2019 Segment 11.29 mi676 ft9.9%
Hammer Road Rally 2021, the whole timed segment34.10 mi4,396 ft2.2%
Stump Sprg to Daulton Creek13.02 mi-1,083 ft-1.5%
SS1.25 mi420 ft6.3%
Hammer Road Rally 2021 timed segment16.83 mi3,930 ft4.4%
Dirt Road from West Kaiser Campground to Kaiser Summit14.28 mi3,652 ft4.8%
Unnamed Rd Climb4.17 mi1,289 ft5.8%
Dirt Climb From West Kaiser to Kaiser Pass Rd.11.10 mi2,854 ft4.9%
Dirt Road West Kaiser to Kaiser Pass Rd12.53 mi3,222 ft4.9%
West Kaiser to Kaiser Pass Rd (Dirt).12.27 mi3,110 ft4.8%
Unnamed Rd Climb3.77 mi1,027 ft5.1%
Kaiser Pass Rd Climb1.31 mi390 ft5.6%
End Gravel to Kaiser Summit1.71 mi515 ft5.7%
Top of Kaiser to Huntington Lake7.05 mi-2,024 ft-5.4%
Kaiser Descent (parking lot to 168)4.71 mi-1,339 ft-5.4%
Hwy 168 South - Big Creek Rd to Black Butte Saddle1.00 mi203 ft3.9%
California 168 Climb0.58 mi262 ft8.5%
Huntington To Tamarack Ridge!!9.43 mi653 ft1.3%
Kaiser Pass Turnoff to Tamarack Ridge9.37 mi541 ft1.1%
Tamarack Ridge #10.72 mi276 ft7.3%
China Peak entrance to top of Hwy 1681.66 mi505 ft5.8%
Huntington Lake Rd Climb0.79 mi269 ft6.3%
Tamarack South Final Climb (#4)1.88 mi394 ft3.9%
Tamarack Ridge #21.17 mi351 ft5.7%
Tamarack Sno-Park to 9S69 Road3.40 mi-125 ft-0.1%
Rock Cr Rd v12.64 mi-1,224 ft-1.7%
Mariannes Lil Stinger0.51 mi141 ft5.2%
dinkey creek west1.85 mi-574 ft-5.8%
Top of Dinkey Creek to Park & Ride6.93 mi-856 ft-2.3%