NYRR Washington Heights 5K 2019

Running Route

3.12 mi
262 ft
Created By
David Wan
February 22, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
NYRR 5k Formerly Known as Coogan's3.15 mi-105 ft-0.0%
NYRR WasHi first 0.5 mile 0.51 mi66 ft2.5%
NYRR WasHi mile 33.00 mi98 ft0.0%
NYRR WasHi Mile 11.02 mi66 ft0.8%
NYRR WasHi mile 22.02 mi98 ft0.4%
New York State Reference Route 907 V Climb0.50 mi141 ft5.2%
NYRR WasHi mile 10.50 mi-39 ft-0.9%
park sprint0.09 mi10 ft2.1%
Ft. Tryon Park Loop1.00 mi-85 ft-0.0%
Cloisters Loop0.39 mi43 ft0.2%
New Leaf Hills0.30 mi66 ft4.2%
Ft Washington Ave Ft Tryon to w1830.54 mi46 ft0.1%