Seaforth | Roseville Return

Running Route

18.42 km
521 m
Created By
Tim Locke
March 5, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Oval and Out2.48 km109 m-0.8%
I Have Misplaced My Pants9.24 km110 m-1.1%
Seaforth Oval to Bantry Bay Descent0.74 km101 m-13.6%
Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink.1.11 km28 m-0.6%
The Bay Track Climb0.99 km93 m9.4%
STS 3rd Climb0.74 km80 m10.8%
Londonderry Dr Climb0.33 km50 m14.8%
Natural Bridge Stairs0.24 km43 m17.5%
Magazine track south2.26 km75 m-2.9%
Roscommon Crescent Climb0.40 km41 m10.1%
Flat Rock Stairs - Beach to White Post0.26 km50 m18.8%
Flat Rock Track2.07 km44 m-1.6%
Flat rock dash1.25 km51 m-0.1%
Roscommon Crescent Climb0.36 km41 m11.4%
Headland Road Climb0.30 km43 m13.9%
Stairs to stairs2.28 km41 m1.8%
Milk was a bad choice9.22 km116 m1.2%
Headland Road Climb0.36 km45 m12.4%
Roscommon Crescent Climb0.36 km42 m11.0%
Technical bit3.14 km74 m1.0%
Magazine Track North2.22 km73 m2.9%
Cook's passage0.70 km14 m0.8%
Bluff Trail to Seaforth Oval2.87 km112 m-0.1%
Kirkwood St Climb1.30 km115 m8.8%
Climb to Seaforth Oval0.80 km100 m12.5%
Tree Cutters Leg Burner From The Wharf0.84 km103 m12.2%
bantry bottom to seaforth sign0.85 km110 m12.8%
Bantry Bay to Seaforth Oval Stairs Climb0.76 km95 m12.4%