Heath Trail & Cascades Trail

Running Route

20.46 km
558 m
Created By
Tim Locke
March 5, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
ralston ave0.28 km7 m1.7%
Equaliser run downhill from Wyatt2.23 km121 m-5.4%
Top of Heath to top of Cascades5.34 km139 m-1.1%
Ralston to Cascades3.82 km136 m-3.2%
Cascades Stone Up1.66 km85 m5.1%
Cascades Stone Hills Up0.92 km69 m7.5%
Down to the cascades1.41 km72 m-5.0%
Cascades Stone Down1.65 km84 m-5.0%
Cascades Down1.41 km69 m-4.8%
Davidson to St Ives Cascades Trail3.14 km136 m1.8%
Acron Rd climb 1.34 km127 m9.4%
CascadesShortUohill0.22 km38 m17.0%
Cascade Track Climb0.85 km76 m8.9%
Killeaton St Climb0.94 km84 m8.9%
Cascades Descent0.83 km76 m-9.2%
Lower Camborne1.10 km56 m-3.5%
Garigal Quarry Trail Hill (from Bare Creek)0.66 km65 m8.7%
Tree Lopper to Tip Corner1.47 km100 m6.5%
Mona Vale Rd Climb1.02 km85 m8.3%
Firetrail section A - DM0.58 km24 m-1.2%
Treeloppers Tip To Bare Creek2.04 km101 m-4.8%
Treeloppers gate to Heath top4.30 km128 m0.7%
Firetrail Section C - DM2.17 km123 m5.6%
Health Track Climb0.85 km43 m5.1%
Heath Hill, Garigal1.82 km99 m5.4%
A Elm Ave Climb1.25 km85 m6.8%
Heath Trail Sprint0.20 km19 m9.2%