Bouddi Coastal Track

Running Route

17.35 km
745 m
Created By
Tim Locke
March 5, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
THE BCT16.99 km115 m-0.0%
Bouddi NP Macmasters to Putty8.44 km114 m-0.5%
Little Beach0.68 km67 m-7.7%
The Bouddi Trail Climb0.83 km89 m10.7%
Airborne Ascent0.39 km39 m9.9%
Junction>Lookout>Stairs2.23 km60 m-1.7%
Bullimah Spur Climb0.73 km42 m5.6%
Putty to Maitland2.61 km0 m0.0%
Bouddi NP Putty to Macmasters8.40 km114 m0.4%
Bullimah Spur Climb0.48 km41 m8.5%
Maitland Bay Track Climb0.31 km40 m12.7%
Beach>Stairs>Junction1.04 km26 m-0.9%
Maitland Bay beach & new stairs0.65 km21 m2.1%
Boudii Coastal Walk Climb0.43 km53 m12.1%
Boudii Coastal Walk Climb0.57 km43 m7.6%
Caves bay climb 0.28 km58 m20.5%
Caves to sand hill 0.91 km102 m11.2%
Boudii Coastal Walk Climb0.95 km86 m9.0%
Sand hill 0.63 km45 m7.0%
airborne0.70 km101 m-14.2%
Goat Track 0.27 km65 m23.9%
The Bouddi Trail Climb0.59 km70 m11.8%