Pembs Charity Ride 2019 - 50 Mile

Cycling Route

50.13 mi
3,218 ft
Created By
Roland Luke 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Merlin's Bridge towards Tiers Cross0.76 mi144 ft3.6%
Light a pipe 0.22 mi39 ft3.2%
Tip to bridge0.42 mi-56 ft-1.8%
Tip up2.02 mi157 ft0.7%
Tunnel bundle0.22 mi36 ft1.9%
Wassup0.27 mi95 ft6.4%
Tiers Cross to Ratford/Broad Split1.03 mi-59 ft-1.1%
Tiers for Broadway2.69 mi-62 ft-0.0%
The Link1.52 mi-59 ft-0.3%
Turkey Run0.50 mi26 ft1.0%
On Broadway1.12 mi49 ft0.2%
Break my stride0.25 mi33 ft2.4%
Trailer park blast0.39 mi-43 ft-2.0%
Gate 20.50 mi-39 ft-1.2%
Last pull to broadway0.39 mi23 ft1.1%
Holiday park going down hill0.46 mi-184 ft-7.5%
Broad Haven Hill towards Nolton Pembrokeshire0.49 mi197 ft7.5%
X-2-X-2-X2.81 mi7 ft0.0%
Climb to junction1.06 mi72 ft1.3%
Cuffern Climb0.59 mi121 ft3.6%
The Causeway Climb1.02 mi299 ft5.5%
Boom... Boom... Boom 1.33 mi-85 ft-1.1%
Sharp bend to cross0.19 mi16 ft1.7%
Down and Up!0.45 mi-56 ft-0.8%
grumpy's bump0.12 mi16 ft1.7%
Flying mile to the Holiday House1.05 mi39 ft0.0%
Middle Hill - Whitchurch0.51 mi135 ft4.9%
Round the back of the Airfield0.74 mi-39 ft-0.7%
St.Davids to Pembs Sheepdogs3.07 mi115 ft0.5%
Rugby club to Blue House4.04 mi148 ft0.4%
Pembs Sheepdogs to Cwmwdig1.86 mi-66 ft-0.3%
Bunkhouse to Abereiddy Cross1.41 mi-59 ft-0.1%
Abereiddy to Llanrhian0.82 mi-118 ft-2.4%
Pub's open0.21 mi59 ft5.3%
Croes Goch to Farm Cross1.78 mi59 ft0.6%
Air time0.35 mi-79 ft-4.2%
Bendy Mendy0.79 mi16 ft0.2%
Up to bungo0.23 mi36 ft2.5%
B4330 Sprint HC0.37 mi30 ft1.4%
long drag from school to pub.0.57 mi66 ft2.1%
Winter Warmer1.02 mi-79 ft-0.0%
Plumstone hill decent0.78 mi-210 ft-4.4%
The hills behind you0.26 mi23 ft1.6%
Under cover with nature0.29 mi62 ft1.0%
Welcombe to the pub0.59 mi-128 ft-4.1%
Pelcomb Bridge - Slade0.97 mi95 ft0.6%
Powder hall to park corner0.62 mi23 ft0.6%
Cuckoo 0.13 mi3 ft0.5%
Boffs blast0.50 mi-85 ft-3.2%
Brakefast0.28 mi-105 ft-7.1%