Blue Ridge Parkway Clinic

Cycling Route

51.41 mi
7,324 ft
Wintergreen Hill Climb
Created By
Beth Leasure-Hudson | B
March 18, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
610 Surge0.07 mi49 ft12.2%
Mile1 to Wintergreen Turn13.51 mi1,339 ft1.0%
Popcorn for Ravens10.38 mi1,286 ft2.3%
Blue Ridge Parkway Climb0.73 mi276 ft7.1%
BRP Milepost 5 Kicker0.72 mi269 ft7.0%
A WHALE of a climb3.58 mi961 ft5.1%
Humpback Mtn. Blue Ridge Pkwy S2.66 mi705 ft5.0%
Blue Ridge Pkwy Climb0.76 mi266 ft6.6%
Humpback Visitor's Center to Raven's Roost3.89 mi692 ft3.1%
Dripping Spring to Ravens Roost1.08 mi226 ft3.9%
BRP side of Wintergreen2.86 mi558 ft-3.6%
Wintergreen Descent to Beech Grove4.35 mi1,486 ft-6.4%
Speeding to Church2.13 mi1,230 ft-10.9%
Reeds Gap Full DH Wintergreen Side4.09 mi1,673 ft-7.7%
The Fun part0.47 mi259 ft-10.4%
Wintergreen Ascent TT to Turn to Resort Rd.3.19 mi955 ft5.7%
715 to Gumtree5.60 mi2,254 ft7.6%
Enter Sandman 1.49 mi748 ft9.5%
Beech Grove Road Climb0.72 mi440 ft11.6%
Push to the sign...0.27 mi167 ft11.4%
Wintergreen to Blue Ridge Dr.3.35 mi1,581 ft8.9%
Wintergreen Ski Resort3.03 mi1,444 ft9.0%
Skinny guy's heaven0.59 mi344 ft10.9%
Wintergreen Climb (from Office to Blue Ridge Dr)0.97 mi318 ft6.2%
Wintergreen Descent Blue Ridge to Gate3.18 mi1,496 ft-8.9%
Blue Ridge Dr. to Wintergreen Office (downhill)0.72 mi312 ft-8.1%
Top of state route 664 Reeds gap0.93 mi594 ft12.0%
Wintergreen Gap1.11 mi623 ft10.6%
Hill Sprint 10.32 mi56 ft3.2%
Hill Sprint 20.58 mi95 ft3.1%
Hill Sprint 30.47 mi108 ft4.2%
Tubular or Bust! 2.03 mi679 ft-6.2%
Descent of Love Gap3.07 mi791 ft-4.3%
Love Gap - Hickory Downhill0.85 mi335 ft-7.5%
Back to the Cabin!1.52 mi623 ft7.7%
BackSide Reeds Gap1.85 mi889 ft9.0%
Reeds Gap/Ravens South4.86 mi1,460 ft5.7%
Finish This0.57 mi423 ft13.9%
Beech Grove to Rockfish gap turnpike13.49 mi1,332 ft-1.0%
Ravens Roost Chug2.89 mi577 ft3.5%
Raven's Roost South1.60 mi2,815 ft-0.0%
Raven's Roost to Humpback Visitor's Center4.86 mi814 ft-3.2%
Greenstone0.76 mi184 ft4.5%
Humpbacks blast3.87 mi974 ft-4.7%
REAL Humpback Blast2.54 mi682 ft-5.1%
BRP TT - RR16 (2)5.37 mi446 ft-1.4%
Blue Ridge Downhill0.66 mi272 ft-7.8%
Run Away Truck Ramp MP 5 North0.52 mi89 ft1.0%
Dead Man Over The Saddle1.02 mi200 ft3.7%
Rockfish Overlook Descent1.43 mi236 ft-3.1%