BBC - Accountants Burnout - Red Rum III

Cycling Route

62.48 mi
4,779 ft
Created By
Tex M
April 8, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Harney Road Northbound3.90 mi144 ft0.1%
Mason-Dixon Road westbound3.58 mi125 ft0.2%
mason dixon hill0.36 mi115 ft6.0%
bullfrog return pumping station to Emmitsburg rd2.44 mi98 ft0.8%
Bullfrog Rd - Emmitsburg to Pumping Station TXM2.35 mi89 ft0.7%
Bullfrog Rd - Pumping Station to Fairfield Rd TXM3.01 mi154 ft0.1%
Carrolls Tract - Bullfrog to Cold Spring TXM0.98 mi13 ft0.3%
South Mtn - Cold Spring - Twin Summit7.53 mi1,076 ft2.6%
South Mountain-East 11.51 mi535 ft6.7%
cold spring to mt caramel2.48 mi600 ft4.6%
cold spring to mt caramel2.47 mi600 ft4.6%
cold spring-bottom to turn sign by teaberry3.87 mi1,043 ft5.1%
South Mountain-East 20.68 mi312 ft8.7%
South Mountain- Downhill1.65 mi-384 ft-4.3%
South Mountain Rd - Naugles to Old Forge TXM1.78 mi341 ft3.1%
South Mountain-East 31.08 mi279 ft4.9%
Old Forge Descent to Wash Township Blvd8.29 mi-932 ft-2.1%
The WHOLE Old Forge descent7.23 mi-906 ft-2.3%
Bombing Old Forge Rd to Camp Penn3.63 mi-699 ft-3.6%
Rouzerville to Church on Raven Rock4.91 mi827 ft3.2%
Old Rt16 & Buena Vista climb from PenMar Rd1.96 mi568 ft5.5%
Old Rt 16 climb (1st step)0.93 mi377 ft7.6%
maybe the prettiest climb ever1.75 mi482 ft5.2%
Up to the view0.43 mi95 ft3.0%
Buena Vista southbound (Rte 16 to Ft Ritchie)2.16 mi121 ft1.0%
Buena Vista Speedway - reversed1.62 mi-10 ft-0.1%
MacAfee Hill Rd TXM0.73 mi226 ft5.8%
Raven Rock Rd Climb1.01 mi302 ft5.6%
2015 Ft Ritchie Tri/Du 1st climb0.87 mi299 ft6.5%
Harbaugh Valley1.80 mi-226 ft-2.3%
GFNCS Gran Fondo Maryland The Gully of Darius5.55 mi-499 ft-0.6%
Hornets Nest Rd to Riffle Rd Up and Down2.61 mi-430 ft-1.1%
Hornet Sting0.58 mi249 ft8.1%
Hornets Nest Rd0.72 mi249 ft6.1%
full hornet0.84 mi269 ft6.0%
bombing hornets nest1.85 mi-417 ft-4.3%
WB Annandale Road1.03 mi62 ft0.1%
Harney Climb0.63 mi56 ft1.7%
Bullfrog McMullen1.57 mi105 ft1.1%
Baptist Rd - McMullen to Rt140 TXM1.73 mi69 ft0.2%