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Cycling Route

62.69 mi
7,010 ft
Created By
Michael J

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Fox 2 Stoney0.31 mi75 ft4.6%
wooden pole to moorlands rd junction2.25 mi-545 ft-4.6%
Handley Ln Climb1.12 mi266 ft4.5%
Buston Wood Climb0.42 mi115 ft5.1%
Up through Pilsley0.62 mi128 ft3.8%
Climb 51.78 mi417 ft4.4%
Handley Lane Climb0.72 mi230 ft4.3%
Station Rd Climb0.85 mi299 ft6.6%
Golf club descent top section0.99 mi-436 ft-8.3%
Bakewell to Yeld Road0.19 mi102 ft10.1%
Down Conksbury0.56 mi-157 ft-4.9%
Conksbury down + up0.63 mi-164 ft-3.3%
Short up Back lane0.23 mi79 ft6.3%
Cross country Youlgrave 2.03 mi328 ft2.0%
Conksbury Lane towards Youlgrave0.68 mi20 ft0.2%
Youlgreave to Elton the short way2.74 mi420 ft1.9%
Mawstone Lane1.45 mi354 ft4.0%
Camping Club climb0.48 mi210 ft7.9%
Moor Lane0.99 mi177 ft1.7%
Get it up for the horney cows0.48 mi144 ft5.6%
Condition hairy2.17 mi180 ft1.1%
Longcliffe to ford3.09 mi-574 ft-3.4%
Tissington Ford to 2nd NCR sign0.34 mi174 ft9.2%
Tissington Hill climb 0.19 mi85 ft8.3%
Hillcrest Sprint0.33 mi85 ft4.9%
lam Moor OFFICIAL Midlands Climbs 1.44 mi535 ft7.0%
SPRINT!1.91 mi141 ft0.2%
newtown turn to longnor centre1.03 mi-108 ft-0.6%
Manifold Sting to Longnor0.19 mi85 ft8.1%
down to Crowdecote0.51 mi-164 ft-6.1%
crowdecote to crossroad0.95 mi377 ft7.5%
Crowdecote to A5152.34 mi404 ft2.8%
S bend only0.28 mi141 ft9.5%
Sprint out the dip0.25 mi59 ft4.2%
Royal Oak to A5150.30 mi59 ft1.5%
Horse Lane1.22 mi154 ft2.3%
Horse lane end0.38 mi138 ft6.7%
Sunny Bank Dash0.70 mi72 ft2.0%
Lets get out of Great Longstone2.58 mi535 ft2.1%
Longstone Edge Junction to 1st Cattle Grid0.61 mi295 ft9.2%
Cattle Grid to the Top0.81 mi223 ft5.1%
Longstone Edge - Final push0.45 mi121 ft5.0%
Longstone top to junction0.76 mi-243 ft-6.1%
foolow to eyam1.57 mi-190 ft-1.7%
Descent into Eyam0.97 mi-223 ft-4.3%
Sprint out of Eyam.0.20 mi39 ft3.9%
Eyam to Grindleford Descent0.68 mi-210 ft-5.8%
Main Road Grindleford Drop0.29 mi-75 ft-4.8%
Bridge to station turn0.52 mi167 ft6.0%
Nether Padley Climb2.18 mi663 ft5.7%