Past Month
Past Month

Irving's run

Running Route

10.98 mi
1,831 ft
Westridge fire road/Mandeville Canyon/Hollyhock/Mandeville ridge/Mulholland/Westridge
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Trailhead to Peak - Fortius - JWP2.60 mi669 ft4.9%
Westridge to First Downhill1.86 mi561 ft5.7%
westridge climb2.99 mi679 ft3.3%
W Mandeville Fire Rd Climb0.91 mi351 ft7.2%
W Mandeville Fire Rd Climb0.19 mi197 ft15.6%
Westridge 2nd wind0.77 mi177 ft4.4%
West Mandeville Fire Road Climb0.28 mi135 ft9.0%
W Mandeville Fire Rd Climb0.36 mi135 ft6.9%
Up under the tree0.19 mi26 ft2.3%
Water And Power Pole Rd Climb0.42 mi144 ft6.4%
W. Mandeville Descent1.33 mi-459 ft-6.5%
Hollyhock Fire Rd Climb0.73 mi472 ft12.2%
Hollyhock To Nike Tower2.61 mi696 ft5.0%
Hollyhock to top of Mulholland Dr.2.48 mi666 ft5.1%
DA BOMB! Downhill boogie0.05 mi33 ft10.2%
Canyonback Climb0.12 mi66 ft10.6%
Mulholland Dr Climb0.77 mi266 ft6.3%
Encino Hills Climb0.82 mi259 ft6.0%
Mulholland to San Vicente Mountain 0.77 mi272 ft6.7%
Halfway Down Already - Jiah1.63 mi-177 ft-1.3%
Nike to Mandeville Canyon Park3.58 mi-692 ft-3.3%
Westridge Fire Road Descent3.59 mi-692 ft-3.4%
NIKE down to Water and Power Pole Rd0.42 mi-164 ft-6.2%
W Mandeville Fire Rd Climb0.51 mi203 ft7.5%
Peak to Cars2.59 mi-676 ft-4.9%
Down under the tree0.19 mi-52 ft-4.9%
Westridge: last 1.5 miles1.75 mi-531 ft-5.7%
Westridge Downhill Last 1.81.79 mi-538 ft-5.7%
Westridge: last mile0.98 mi-358 ft-6.9%