May 13-19, 2019 Ride of the Week

Cycling Route

14.36 km
661 m
Created By
Angela E
May 14, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Phat Beaver0.39 km37 m9.4%
FMBC July 2015 Route of the Month11.60 km295 m0.0%
Phat Bastard Climb2.01 km195 m9.7%
Phat Bastard / Mushroomhead Climb2.85 km298 m10.4%
Phat Bastard to Black Betty1.68 km165 m9.0%
Sparling Rd Climb1.30 km122 m9.3%
Phat Bastard skid road climb0.62 km93 m14.9%
Phat Bastard1.65 km173 m10.5%
Sparling Rd Climb2.49 km203 m8.1%
Mushroom Head Up (From Phat Bastard)0.73 km91 m12.4%
Mushroom Head DH from Bench0.61 km-80 m-13.0%
Hedonism DH to sign1.97 km-172 m-8.7%
stove to erection3.35 km290 m8.6%
Just Stove1.66 km152 m9.2%
Mushroom Head West to Lactic Ridge Climb0.85 km102 m11.9%
Mushroom Head Climb West1.01 km112 m10.1%
Mushroom Head DH to Red Sonya0.76 km-86 m-10.9%
mush-sonya DH2.04 km-297 m-14.5%
Red Sonja1.29 km-209 m-15.6%
Lower Red Sonja0.56 km-76 m-13.3%