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7 Hills Classic Via Gellia Route

Cycling Route

59.44 mi
4,337 ft
Created By
Paul F
May 14, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pothole Alley to Round House1.15 mi272 ft4.4%
Drop Climb and Hold0.47 mi46 ft0.1%
Round House to Hathersage Rd1.23 mi-89 ft-1.1%
PUUUUSHHHH0.72 mi-79 ft-2.0%
Jumbles to Devils Elbow (MJ)0.73 mi75 ft0.3%
Hathersage RD - Sheephill to Whitelow0.24 mi30 ft2.4%
Sheepshill Road to Stoney Ridge Road1.25 mi246 ft3.7%
Sprint Down Then Sprint Up0.98 mi-82 ft-1.1%
Froggat Summit to Owler TT1.61 mi-144 ft-1.6%
Top of the hill0.61 mi7 ft0.0%
quick out of the bend and keep the guns going1.10 mi46 ft0.6%
Owler Bar to top of Baslow Descent1.51 mi59 ft0.2%
Owner to fox ln2.50 mi-226 ft-1.5%
Take the Bike Because... (BMW's Are Shit!)0.82 mi33 ft0.6%
Tractor Help0.55 mi-23 ft-0.4%
A619 to Longside1.57 mi138 ft1.2%
Laguna Seca Short0.70 mi108 ft2.6%
FSESP10.19 mi33 ft3.0%
Longside Road0.56 mi115 ft3.8%
FSESP20.19 mi39 ft3.9%
top of the triangle0.26 mi10 ft0.7%
Up Holestone 0.74 mi82 ft2.1%
Push to the Bridge2.01 mi302 ft2.8%
SNCC Via to Grangemill4.00 mi476 ft2.2%
B5023 to Grangemill1.66 mi138 ft1.5%
Got Owt Left?0.36 mi105 ft5.4%
Decent Descent3.31 mi-545 ft-3.1%
Winster to Haddon Hall3.54 mi-381 ft-2.0%
IvyBarBrookNorth-MiresToStantonInPeakTurn1.01 mi-151 ft-2.8%
Alport Dash0.79 mi-36 ft-0.7%
Old bridge to school1.30 mi30 ft0.2%
fast out of baslow0.27 mi10 ft0.4%
Full climb from Curbar towards Sheffield4.67 mi892 ft3.6%
Pub to pub1.57 mi456 ft5.5%
Moorlands Lane to Top2.11 mi512 ft4.6%
A625 Half Climb0.44 mi105 ft4.3%
Stoney Ridge to Sheephill Road1.27 mi-249 ft-3.7%
Flying mile junction to Dore Moor2.01 mi-436 ft-4.1%
Blacka path carpark to first bridleway junction0.33 mi-69 ft-3.9%
A625 wibbly bit0.79 mi-174 ft-4.1%
Sheephill Rd to Whirlowbrook1.47 mi-318 ft-4.1%
Door Moor Inn to Ecclesall Rd South0.68 mi-128 ft-3.6%
Long Line to Gate just before Whirlow Sign0.36 mi-72 ft-3.8%
Whirlowbrook to Knowle Lane1.47 mi-49 ft-0.4%
home straight ( well curve)0.33 mi-13 ft-0.0%
parkhead to bents sprint0.23 mi-23 ft-1.5%
Parkhead Bus Stop Sprint0.26 mi13 ft0.1%
Poppycock Racing 10.12 mi13 ft0.9%
Sprint the bus lane0.18 mi10 ft0.4%
Knowle Lane to Psalter Lane0.43 mi-118 ft-5.1%