Past Month

'Trons Friday (A-group)

Cycling Route

25.29 mi
767 ft
Created By
Jonathan McKaskey (VSRT)

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Greenville/Patterson Pass to Alt Pass Rd1.48 mi-26 ft-0.4%
CLM-to-FOXCREEK2.57 mi-56 ft-0.4%
Laughlin to Altamont Creek0.47 mi7 ft0.1%
Suburban Sprint West1.18 mi-23 ft-0.4%
West Crawl1.16 mi-26 ft-0.4%
Lab Ride - Vasco to top of Collier8.81 mi325 ft0.7%
Vasco to Collier8.25 mi328 ft0.5%
'Tron Friday16.43 mi351 ft0.0%
Dognino Sprint NB0.46 mi20 ft0.8%
Mayshool to North Livermore1.25 mi13 ft0.2%
May School Mile (Reverse)1.12 mi13 ft0.2%
Tuesday N. Livermore Drag Race0.90 mi43 ft0.9%
Manning (NLivermore2Highland)1.38 mi92 ft1.2%
Highland (Manning2Collier)2.73 mi144 ft0.2%
Highland rollers WB, Manning to Carneal1.56 mi138 ft1.6%
Highland Rd - Marciel to Collier0.73 mi-82 ft-2.1%
Collier Canyon speed bump0.63 mi138 ft4.1%
Collier Canyon Climb (to regroup point)0.53 mi135 ft4.8%
collier little climb (just after junction to top)0.62 mi151 ft3.7%
Collier-Carneal Rd Hump0.28 mi52 ft3.5%
Carneal Crossing0.55 mi49 ft1.0%
Manning Road - Collier to North Livermore2.66 mi-187 ft-1.3%
Manning east to Highland1.29 mi-69 ft-1.0%
Sgt. Manning's Wild Road2.68 mi-190 ft-1.3%
Manning Road - Carneal to Morgan Territory2.17 mi-167 ft-1.4%
Manning Bump East0.51 mi-16 ft-0.6%
Manning below Highland1.36 mi-92 ft-1.3%
Manning Road Straight Away W to E0.62 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Morgan Territory to Ames St4.89 mi-118 ft-0.3%
North Livermore Avenue Climb0.28 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Manning - Livermore Elbow0.30 mi-23 ft-1.5%
End of North Livermore to Hartford2.01 mi-79 ft-0.7%
Manning to May Spring0.94 mi-52 ft-0.9%
N Livermore Sprint to May School0.90 mi-49 ft-1.0%
N Livermore to Hartman Rd South 1.73 mi-56 ft-0.6%
Bees!!!!1.01 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Hartford drag race1.00 mi-20 ft-0.4%
Lorraine Northbound0.49 mi26 ft0.7%
Watch your head1.30 mi16 ft0.1%
Runway Sprint - Raymond Road0.65 mi-7 ft-0.2%
'Tron Sprint0.40 mi0 ft0.0%
Raymond 200m sprint0.10 mi3 ft0.3%
Broadmoor South0.63 mi-7 ft-0.0%
An Average Climb 0.19 mi46 ft4.7%