120 km Tickle Loop

Cycling Route

121.36 km
735 m
We have just enough hills to offer a full workout.
Created By
Robert Carter
May 26, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Larry's River Road2.79 km129 m4.6%
The Two BITCHES3.06 km29 m0.9%
Fast Stretch - Part 15.79 km-63 m-1.1%
Fast Stretch11.86 km-138 m-1.2%
Another Random Climb0.78 km34 m4.3%
Fast Stretch - Part 24.89 km-107 m-2.2%
Cheering Squad Corner0.44 km17 m3.9%
The Mere Mortal's Climb0.95 km13 m1.3%
Mr. Lumpy2.37 km12 m0.3%
Run Into Port Felix1.98 km30 m1.5%
the Queensport Run7.71 km24 m0.2%
Fear and Loathing hill climb LSGF2.85 km89 m3.1%
The Last Drive to Guysborough3.44 km70 m2.0%