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Rutland Summer Ride to Jodrell bank

Cycling Route

149.45 km
2,937 m
Back via Goyt Valley
Created By
Toby W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Eccy Top Sprint1.05 km-6 m-0.1%
Limb Ln/Brickhouse Ln1.20 km44 m3.6%
Climb a625 with Stoney Ridge Sprint5.69 km186 m2.9%
Brickhouse 2 Whitelow1.64 km76 m4.4%
Dore Moor/Stoney Climb3.25 km131 m4.0%
Hathersage RD - Sheephill to Whitelow0.38 km9 m2.4%
Sheepshill Road to Stoney Ridge Road2.02 km75 m3.7%
wooden pole to moorlands rd junction3.62 km-166 m-4.6%
The Power Mile1.65 km-50 m-2.2%
Hassop to the cafe1.74 km-14 m-0.6%
SHELDON HILL - bet you wish you stuck to the A6 !!2.31 km187 m8.1%
Wrong way for BJ1.75 km-25 m-0.3%
From Gawsworth Turn to the farm gate1.09 km-28 m-1.8%
lal sprint0.39 km15 m3.8%
Keep pedaling0.69 km-17 m-2.5%
He's full of Bunkum1.58 km-9 m-0.6%
Sub-5 is made here Pops0.73 km24 m3.3%
The Joy of Art1.71 km87 m5.0%
Sprint to the Wizard0.34 km20 m5.9%
Oak Road Climb0.66 km89 m13.3%
Testing0.97 km-13 m-0.7%
Up from the Train0.18 km9 m4.7%
Blaze Hill from Bollington2.46 km169 m6.8%
Blaze Hill to Pike Low3.20 km224 m7.0%
Blaze Hill OFFICIAL North-west Climbs1.94 km127 m6.5%
Poachers to pyms6.69 km271 m4.0%
Keep the power down0.94 km19 m1.6%
Top of Blaze Hill0.48 km48 m10.0%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No171 Pym Chair1.45 km158 m10.8%
Eh Up Jenkins0.30 km28 m8.5%
Pyms Prt II 0.56 km82 m14.6%
Just Going Down The Street to Errwood2.29 km-172 m-7.4%
Let it rip and see your life flash before you1.55 km-103 m-6.6%
Street Trap0.67 km-15 m-1.5%
Goyt Valley4.59 km184 m4.0%
Short climb to cattle grid2.83 km86 m3.0%
Final corner up to just before the cattle grid0.53 km22 m4.1%
Cat And Fiddle DH2.36 km-122 m-5.2%
St John's straight0.53 km-17 m-3.2%
Fairfield Rd climb0.52 km23 m3.0%
lunch time TT sprint0.57 km5 m0.4%
8min-ish 2.29 km139 m6.1%
Fiddler's Elbow.2.61 km171 m6.5%
Fiddlers Elbow - Mitchell Field Track to Dale1.65 km102 m6.0%
Burbage Middle Section0.57 km43 m7.4%
Cattle grid to cattle grid1.82 km-31 m-0.2%
Ringinglow Rd & The Dale Jn - Fulwood Jn (Roundhouse) SAFE3.52 km-90 m-2.6%
Car park sprint0.64 km-30 m-4.0%
Burbage North Sprint0.42 km12 m2.8%
Ring-a-ding-ding1.24 km-66 m-5.3%