Cucamonga Peak from Icehouse Canyon

Running Route

10.91 mi
4,150 ft The most popular route takes you up beautiful Icehouse Canyon, then heads ever higher beyond the saddle. The reward? Epic views of the Inland Empire.
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ice House (MBBA)3.39 mi2,510 ft14.0%
Chapman Trail Climb0.58 mi390 ft12.6%
Delker Canyon to Icehouse saddle. 1.47 mi1,191 ft15.2%
Spring Peak7.21 mi-2,264 ft-0.0%
Cucamonga Peak Trail Climb0.78 mi446 ft10.8%
Ice House Canyon Saddle To Cucamonga summit.2.34 mi1,424 ft10.3%
Cucamonga Peak Trail Climb0.25 mi197 ft14.8%
Cucamonga Peak Trail Climb1.46 mi1,211 ft15.7%
Final push to the peak.0.48 mi420 ft16.6%
Cucamonga Peak - Fork to Rock0.16 mi217 ft24.1%
Cucamonga Peak to Ice House Saddle 2.32 mi-1,407 ft-10.5%
Decent from Cucamonga Pk.5.50 mi-3,507 ft-12.1%
Cucamonga Peak Trail Climb0.33 mi164 ft9.2%
Icehouse Saddle to TH 3.29 mi-2,520 ft-14.5%