Past Two Weeks

Denver, Lookout, Grapevine, Red Rocks, Denver

Cycling Route

47.96 mi
4,027 ft
Created By
Neil Bezdek

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Taco Run W. 23rd Ave (Aquarium to Tacos Mi Pueblo/Federal)0.64 mi89 ft2.6%
clay to feds 23rd 0.23 mi33 ft2.6%
23rd & 26th False Flat2.36 mi79 ft0.6%
23rd westbound: Federal to Irving0.22 mi20 ft1.5%
26th: Sheridan to Pierce0.96 mi56 ft1.1%
a little longer and shorter1.19 mi92 ft1.4%
32nd Street TT7.72 mi243 ft0.4%
32nd Ave: Wadsworth to Kipling1.48 mi69 ft0.9%
Ward to Starbucks0.22 mi49 ft4.1%
32nd westbound: I-70 to McIntyre1.63 mi69 ft0.6%
Alkire to Eldridge0.45 mi0 ft0.0%
Alkire to Indiana0.93 mi16 ft0.2%
32nd street interval0.95 mi49 ft0.9%
I find this climb particularly annoyingly tough0.32 mi56 ft3.1%
Harder than it should be2.51 mi98 ft0.6%
Illinois Street Climb 14th to 18th0.34 mi66 ft3.5%
the mur0.06 mi33 ft10.2%
Lookout Pt 1 - 6th to Nbound1.56 mi512 ft6.1%
19th St & Rte 6 to Pillars0.45 mi164 ft6.9%
Pillars to Tree1.64 mi489 ft5.6%
Pillars to north side turn0.91 mi276 ft5.7%
Lookout Mtn: Chimney Gulch to Switchbacks0.94 mi305 ft6.1%
north side lookout to M1.10 mi325 ft5.6%
Lookout Mountain Switchbacks to Windy Saddle1.55 mi394 ft4.8%
Mt. Zion Flats (uphill TT)0.58 mi121 ft4.0%
Chimney Gulch uphill: Windy Saddle to top1.14 mi617 ft10.2%
Trail - Nature center to Lookout Rd1.03 mi-56 ft-0.8%
arbitrary kicker sprint0.12 mi39 ft5.8%
Charros Descent0.75 mi-299 ft-7.4%
Backside Grapevine1.16 mi322 ft4.9%
Red Rocks Entrance Two to Y1.68 mi463 ft5.2%
The Red Rocks Rd. Hammer0.81 mi194 ft4.5%
Trading Post Road Climb0.36 mi128 ft6.3%
Dino Sprint0.36 mi43 ft2.0%
Over the Dino to Rooney1.13 mi-190 ft-2.3%
Rooney Rd Dino Top to Colfax3.31 mi-226 ft-0.9%
Rooney Sprint0.09 mi23 ft4.8%
Catch the break on Rooney climb and descend to Colfax1.34 mi-171 ft-1.3%
Trail - S Rooney - 70 exit 0.29 mi43 ft2.7%
Rooney Rd Bridge (over I-70) to Colfax0.72 mi-164 ft-3.9%
Sprint to the Bridge0.10 mi-10 ft-1.5%
Urban Kicker0.12 mi36 ft5.4%
26th Ave Step Up0.84 mi43 ft0.3%
I ain't scared of no ghost1.52 mi-85 ft-1.0%
Kipling-Garland Kick0.39 mi23 ft0.3%
26th St - Wadsworth to Sheridan1.52 mi-125 ft-1.6%
Wads to Pierce: Zoom Launch 0.46 mi-62 ft-2.5%
Toast to Laundromat0.64 mi-36 ft-1.1%
Decent into Downtown 1.05 mi-131 ft-2.4%
Shark!!!0.29 mi-39 ft-2.6%