DuVig Tour de Guilford

Cycling Route

31.34 mi
1,259 ft
Created By
EJ Vongher

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
146 Run (Leetes Island to Sachem Head)3.55 mi-79 ft-0.1%
School Street To Old Quarry Road1.68 mi49 ft0.0%
Pre Moose Hill bump0.13 mi26 ft3.7%
Island Bay 300m Sprint East0.25 mi-10 ft-0.8%
Sachem Hill0.58 mi30 ft0.8%
Sachem-Colonial Climb1.15 mi46 ft0.7%
Nut plains to dover court0.68 mi33 ft0.7%
L.Meadow to S. Poop Hole.1.32 mi-52 ft-0.0%
Q Lake Counter Clockwise3.10 mi-52 ft-0.0%
County Road (Rte79 to Long Hill)0.53 mi89 ft3.1%
County Rd (Long Hill to West St)0.89 mi-102 ft-2.1%