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Discover Hudson Valley Ride 2022 - 55 Mile

Cycling Route

54.86 mi
3,116 ft
The 55 mile route begins like the 15 and 33, but veers south after the first rest stop before returning to the Walkway Over the Hudson. It also includes an additional 18-mile Northern loop even deeper into the woods of Dutchess County toward the town of Clinton.
Created By
Bike New York

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
N Water St. to Albany St.0.30 mi82 ft5.0%
Verazzano Blvd (W to E)0.29 mi33 ft2.0%
Brookside Ave (W to E)0.28 mi13 ft0.8%
DRT-Over the Hudson (W)1.25 mi-180 ft-0.2%
Walkway over Hudson (Dutchess - Ulster)4.06 mi367 ft1.7%
HVRT - (E to W)3.39 mi121 ft0.7%
Tillson Avenue Ext Climb0.46 mi43 ft1.5%
Rail Trail3.01 mi72 ft0.5%
9W to Tony Williams2.64 mi56 ft0.4%
Race to Wilklow (end at radar)0.66 mi52 ft1.1%
Pancake Hollow full N to S2.56 mi240 ft1.6%
Pancake Hollow Road1.00 mi190 ft3.6%
HVRT - 44/55 to Caboose0.80 mi-56 ft-1.3%
HVRT - 9W to Caboose0.43 mi-46 ft-2.0%
DRT-Over the Hudson (E)1.25 mi184 ft0.2%
DRT - Walkway to Buckingham Ave0.49 mi10 ft0.4%
Van Wagner Rd (Tucker Dr to Salt Point Tpke)3.83 mi148 ft0.6%
Van Wagner Rd (Tucker Dr to Bedell Rd)1.54 mi69 ft0.4%
Van Wagner Rd (Bedell Rd to Peach Rd)0.97 mi92 ft1.7%
Van Wagner Rd (Bower Rd to Salt Point Tpke)1.56 mi59 ft0.7%
Gretna Rd1.12 mi177 ft3.0%
Gretna Rd (S to N)2.26 mi180 ft0.9%
Gretna -- Melville to Netherwood0.70 mi-95 ft-2.3%
Netherwood - Marshall Climb 1.51 mi138 ft1.7%
Marshall Rd to Ruskey Lane (S to N)1.41 mi-115 ft-0.3%
Marshall Rd - Ruskey Ln 2.38 mi-194 ft-0.5%
Ruskey Lane (E to W) - Marshall Rd to N. Quaker Lane0.95 mi-66 ft-1.0%
Fiddler's Bridge from Hollow Rd to Schultz Hill Rd2.40 mi161 ft0.9%
Fiddlers Bridge Rd (SW to NE)4.18 mi-200 ft-0.0%
Fiddlers Bridge from Hollow Rd to Lake Rd2.95 mi164 ft0.3%
Fiddlers Bridge Rollers1.19 mi161 ft2.3%
Fiddlers Bridge Downhill Roller2.34 mi-200 ft-1.6%
Fiddlers Bridge Drop to Omega0.50 mi-66 ft-2.5%
Fiddlers Omega to Centre1.07 mi-66 ft-1.0%
Centre Rd (Schultzville Store to Hollow Rd)2.39 mi-167 ft-0.4%
Browning Rd to Clinton Ave (N to S)1.65 mi56 ft0.2%
Browning Rd to Ruskey Lane (N to S)2.84 mi72 ft0.2%
Browning Rd - Marshall Rd (N to S)4.38 mi164 ft0.2%
Marshall Rd Climb0.64 mi125 ft3.7%
Marshall Rd (Ruskey Lane to Netherwood Rd)1.42 mi118 ft0.3%
Crum Elbow Downhill1.12 mi-82 ft-1.4%
Cream St (Crum Elbow to Honeywell)1.89 mi171 ft1.6%
Cream St Climb2.17 mi226 ft1.8%
Turn those legs into Cream (Öut Of OrdeЯ)0.33 mi105 ft5.9%
Cream Street Hill Climb0.44 mi108 ft4.2%
Cream St (Honeywell to East Dorsey)1.32 mi-200 ft-2.0%
Cream St Downhill to East Dorsey Lane0.96 mi-200 ft-3.9%
Cottage Rd (S to N)0.54 mi62 ft1.3%
Bahret Ave to Inwood Ave0.62 mi-36 ft-0.8%
Bain Ave (E to W)0.19 mi-56 ft-4.4%