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Morgan Territory + Mt Diablo (from Walnut Creek BART)

Cycling Route

110.5 km
2,110 m
Created By
Remy Chiapolini

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ygnacio Valley from side trail1.37 km73 m5.3%
Marsh Creek Climb2.05 km94 m4.6%
Morgan Territory - Marsh Creek to end of 2-lane road6.06 km67 m0.7%
Morgan Territory Full to Park (DMD Rest Stop)14.67 km422 m2.5%
Middle Morgan Territory Climb [Southbound]2.38 km88 m3.7%
Morgan Territory Road From North7.58 km352 m4.6%
Morgan Territory Climb3.80 km225 m5.9%
Territory ripping descent5.75 km-391 m-6.8%
Highland; Just after Collier jn. to just before Tassajara2.76 km-30 m-1.1%
The Headwind Tunnel: Finley to Blackhawk1.59 km12 m0.1%
New Bakery & HoP Green Jersey Sign Sprint0.44 km-3 m-0.6%
East Gate to Corner3.47 km-36 m-1.0%
Blackhawk Plaza sprint up0.52 km22 m4.2%
Stay in that bike lane Sprint!1.05 km-15 m-0.9%
maplewood to soccer field climb1.36 km31 m2.3%
Blackhawk Rd Climb West0.41 km16 m3.9%
Soccer Field to Mt D Scenic Blvd2.20 km-58 m-2.6%
Lead Out Hill0.64 km-133 m-16.7%
Start the Roller Coaster0.72 km32 m2.1%
Dan Cook Elevator2.03 km238 m11.7%
Bridge to Live Oak MTB1.39 km172 m12.3%
"Joe's 700 Meters of Suffering"0.70 km33 m4.7%
south gate (last climb to junction)1.09 km75 m6.9%
Going For It- KOM- Mt Diablo Ranger Junction0.38 km30 m8.0%
Diablo Junction to Summit7.06 km508 m7.2%
Diablo Junction to Juniper Campground3.67 km234 m6.4%
Brad Wiggins Tour of California Pace Setting0.27 km16 m6.0%
Toughest Chunk of Summit Road IMHO1.56 km118 m7.5%
Double Dare Up Mt. Diablo0.34 km20 m5.8%
full sprint- diablo climb- approaching valley overlook0.79 km62 m7.8%
The Grapevine0.87 km76 m8.7%
Steepest Section On Top - Mt. Diablo State Park California 0.26 km24 m9.3%
OUCH!!!!0.42 km25 m5.9%
Д Mt. Diablo Summit Road: Juniper to Summit3.48 km264 m7.6%
Juniper Camp to Devil's Elbow1.29 km106 m8.2%
Bold Attack Mt. Diablo Challenge Finish0.61 km48 m7.9%
Devil's Elbow - Surprise Attack!0.26 km19 m7.4%
Mt Diablo - Devil's Elbow to Summit1.47 km107 m7.3%
Diablo Summit Final Push0.31 km42 m13.1%
Diablo Challenge "The Wall"0.23 km35 m14.7%
The Wall0.19 km32 m16.3%
Diablo - Summit to Junction6.87 km-453 m-6.6%
Mount Diablo Descent to the first rise15.75 km-978 m-6.2%
Best Turns Mt. Diablo Summit 0.95 km-49 m-5.1%
Mt Diablo Descent - Junction to N Gate10.35 km-555 m-5.3%
Northgate - Stop Sign to Boundary3.08 km-199 m-6.4%
Fast 1000 ft marker downhill fun0.94 km-78 m-7.9%
Burma crossing to NG descent4.80 km-195 m-4.1%
NG LAST MILE OUT DIPPY-DO1.57 km-29 m-1.9%
Northgate Cattle Ranch Hill Sprint0.37 km8 m1.9%