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Wawona to Yosemite Valley

Cycling Route

93.36 km
1,818 m
Wawona to Glacier Point and Tunnel View to Half Dome Camp
Created By
John Bertrand
July 1, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Full 17.50 km662 m3.8%
Wawona Campground to Glacier Point43.88 km1,167 m2.3%
Wawona Rd Climb9.26 km424 m4.6%
The Full Glacier, Wawona To Glacier Point37.69 km1,082 m2.9%
Wawona to Washburn Point41.59 km1,111 m2.4%
Wawona Rd Climb3.41 km166 m4.9%
Glacier Point Rd - Lower9.38 km387 m4.1%
Glacier Point Rd: surrender short of Badger Pass7.51 km337 m4.5%
Glacier Point Road - Full Climb25.25 km532 m1.4%
Glacier Point to 2nd peak19.29 km511 m2.7%
Glacier Point Rd Climb1.92 km92 m4.8%
Glacier Point Rd Climb2.71 km118 m4.3%
need for speed3.16 km-108 m-3.4%
Glacier Point Rd Climb4.97 km235 m4.7%
Glacier Point Descent2.80 km-156 m-5.6%
Genesis 1:12.67 km180 m6.6%
Glacier Point Rd Climb2.76 km104 m3.7%
Descent from Glacier Point9.33 km-385 m-4.1%
Glacier Point Descent - Before Road Closure Sign8.95 km-383 m-4.3%
Glacier Point Road to South Side Drive15.09 km-603 m-4.0%
Wawona Rd. Descent - Glacier Pt. Rd. to Tunnel View12.21 km-472 m-3.9%
Wawona Rd Descent - Glacier Point to Tunnel10.62 km-397 m-3.7%
Wawona Sprint to Tunnel2.98 km-139 m-4.3%
Wawona Rd - DH2.55 km-133 m-5.2%
Wawona Mile Sprint Downhill1.60 km-87 m-5.4%
Southside Drive Climb1.48 km17 m0.8%
El Capitan dr to 4 mile trail1.91 km9 m0.3%
4 Mile Trail Head to Chapel1.23 km-4 m-0.1%