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Strava SF Must Do Ride

Cycling Route

51.91 mi
8,635 ft
Created By
Jacques S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hawk Hill Hill Burn0.10 mi46 ft8.3%
Hawk Hill Saddle1.09 mi285 ft4.9%
Hawk Hill Start0.24 mi157 ft12.2%
Hammerin' Hoch!0.46 mi174 ft7.2%
Hawk + Miwok 4.62 mi627 ft1.4%
Hawk Hill False Flats0.87 mi164 ft3.5%
Hawk Top0.14 mi43 ft5.2%
Costal trail to bottom of bobcat2.06 mi-545 ft-5.0%
Coastal Dirt Descent - Just The Fun Part1.22 mi-374 ft-5.8%
Miwok Trail: Bobcat to summit1.21 mi630 ft9.7%
Old Springs Descent1.13 mi1,040 ft0.1%
Lower Old Springs Descent0.62 mi-302 ft-9.1%
Miwok Trail (TV towards Coyote Tr)0.83 mi518 ft11.7%
Dias Ridge Descent2.76 mi-738 ft-4.6%
Diaz Ridge DH1.52 mi-732 ft-9.0%
Deer Park (Muir Woods Rd to Coastal View)2.39 mi1,191 ft9.4%
Tam - Deer Park to Stage Road6.40 mi2,103 ft6.2%
Old Stage (Pantoll to West Point Inn)1.85 mi289 ft2.9%
RR Grade Climb-West Point to Gate1.33 mi413 ft5.9%
East Peak to West Peak Climb1.28 mi240 ft3.2%
Ridgecrest Power 0.19 mi-46 ft-4.0%
red line climb0.42 mi180 ft8.1%
Red Line 0.19 mi92 ft9.0%
Stinson Climb 1, south 1.26 mi344 ft5.1%
Stinson Beach to Muir Beach6.06 mi-456 ft-0.3%
Slide Ranch Kicker0.98 mi279 ft5.3%
Highway 1 Kicker 0.10 mi52 ft9.6%
Hwy 1 to MB Overlook0.50 mi-23 ft-0.4%
Muir Descent0.90 mi-417 ft-8.7%
Muir Plunge 0.56 mi-289 ft-9.6%
Middle Green Gulch Trail Climb0.86 mi289 ft6.3%
Green Gulch Climb to Coyote Ridge1.72 mi814 ft8.9%
miggy's wall0.11 mi102 ft17.6%
Middle Green Gulch Kicker Full0.27 mi203 ft13.9%
Coastal Fire Road DH 1.41 mi-722 ft-9.7%
Coast Bomb 0.68 mi-449 ft-12.4%
Marincello Halfsies0.60 mi315 ft9.9%
Marincello Trail1.39 mi643 ft8.7%
Up Marincello, Down Bobcat3.91 mi-810 ft-0.9%
Marincello Final Sprint 0.20 mi85 ft7.9%
Bobcat DH (from Marincello to Alta)0.72 mi-184 ft-3.7%
Bobcat TT0.43 mi-148 ft-6.3%
Bobcat Descent1.83 mi-686 ft-7.1%
Bobcat final sprint0.23 mi-46 ft-3.7%
mCC watts0.51 mi233 ft8.5%
McCullough Rd. (Headlands)0.85 mi384 ft8.5%
Upper McCullough0.34 mi164 ft8.8%
straight shot to the top0.21 mi115 ft10.2%
Upper McCullough Final Sprint0.13 mi66 ft9.1%
Hawk Descent - Roundabout to Finish1.08 mi-243 ft-4.2%