Shaver Hammer Easyish Route

Cycling Route

27.48 mi
2,885 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Town of Shaver1.59 mi141 ft0.6%
Shaver Lake to Dinkey Creek Ranger Station11.71 mi988 ft0.2%
Dinkey Creek Start2.32 mi174 ft1.3%
dinkey creek restroom to DC summit orange post7.19 mi889 ft2.3%
Dinkey Creek Park/Ride to Dinkey Creek bridge.11.19 mi863 ft0.1%
Dinkey meadow climb1.34 mi233 ft2.8%
Dinkey Creek East1.79 mi558 ft5.9%
Dinkey Creek Road Climb0.25 mi348 ft25.5%
Dinkey Creek DH3.93 mi-810 ft-3.9%
Ferruling into Dinkey Creek2.48 mi-732 ft-5.6%
Dinky Ck Grade Westbound from creek2.41 mi636 ft5.0%
Dinkey Creek Road Westbound11.63 mi-974 ft-0.1%
The Real Dinky Creek Climb. 2.02 mi646 ft6.0%
Dinkey Creek Grade - West1.20 mi453 ft7.1%
Dinky Creek West Grade Upper Half2.60 mi597 ft4.3%
Mariannes Lil Stinger0.51 mi141 ft5.2%
dinkey creek west1.85 mi-574 ft-5.8%
Top of Dinkey Creek to Park & Ride6.93 mi-856 ft-2.3%