Thunder Beach Loop

Cycling Route

75.23 km
734 m
Created By
Cycle Simcoe

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
NWBM to Toanche entrance to single track1.26 km45 m3.3%
Mur de Toanche0.84 km35 m4.1%
Awenda Park from North entrance3.19 km74 m2.3%
Kellte's Beach Klimb2.53 km59 m2.3%
Awenda Park - Full Ascent6.03 km63 m1.0%
Awenda Park to 16th Concession6.78 km22 m0.0%
Awenda Drag Strip2.73 km-22 m-0.2%
16th to SilverBirch3.73 km-55 m-1.5%
Thunder Beach Wall (descent)1.16 km-44 m-2.9%
The Other Thunder Beach Wall0.50 km26 m4.8%
Concession Road 18 W Climb1.47 km35 m2.3%
12th Concession Climb2.55 km42 m1.6%
12th Kicker1.40 km39 m2.8%