Creemore Loop

Cycling Route

60.17 km
495 m
Created By
Cycle Simcoe

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tenth Line Climb0.78 km87 m11.1%
Currie's to Poplar1.67 km-4 m-0.3%
OLD VERSION - West Church to 1241.77 km-20 m-1.1%
Fairgrounds Rd7.33 km148 m1.9%
Fairgrounds (21 to 18)1.89 km43 m2.3%
Fairgrounds (18 to 15)1.87 km55 m2.6%
Fairgrounds (15 to 12)1.29 km34 m2.4%
Creemore Hill Down1.83 km-116 m-6.2%
Creemore Short Down0.68 km-74 m-10.9%
River Road 9 to 919.68 km-76 m-0.2%
Smithdale to 913.39 km-72 m-2.1%
91 to the Airport5.26 km-38 m-0.7%
Airport tt (Church to Airport)4.27 km-37 m-0.9%
27/28 to Airport3.33 km-33 m-1.0%
Million Dollar House run (extended)1.87 km-26 m-1.4%
Millon Dollar House Run1.79 km-15 m-0.7%
10th line (Poplar to Curries)1.68 km-17 m-0.7%
10th Line Sprint to Curries1.63 km-14 m-0.6%