Cycling Route

42.78 mi
2,862 ft
Created By
Mike Craig
August 21, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shaker East-Up and over1.08 mi-85 ft-0.6%
Shaker Donleigh to Cape Ann0.37 mi46 ft2.3%
Down Old Columbia1.09 mi-141 ft-2.2%
Vectorworks Lunch TT, stage 11.69 mi157 ft0.1%
old columbia climb0.75 mi161 ft4.0%
Old Columbia Bridge to Bridge0.94 mi167 ft3.3%
Old Columbia Ride (from Bridge)0.78 mi151 ft3.6%
The Climb: Old Columbia0.81 mi154 ft3.6%
Old Columbia SB main climb0.43 mi115 ft5.1%
Johns Hopkins Rd Westbound from Old Columbia1.94 mi79 ft0.6%
Hopkins (Sanner 2 Pindell)0.94 mi69 ft1.0%
Pindell peak0.19 mi46 ft4.5%
Pindell School from Johns Hopkins to 2161.15 mi89 ft0.1%
Bridge to 216 climb on Pindell0.27 mi46 ft2.4%
Highland Road 2.5m Climb2.51 mi98 ft0.7%
Brighton Dam Westbound Hill0.42 mi98 ft4.1%
Dam Jam.0.70 mi-177 ft-3.4%
Bordly Bump Westbound1.30 mi95 ft1.2%
Gregg Rd2.17 mi148 ft1.0%
Zion Rise to Sundown0.61 mi56 ft1.7%
Sundown Sprint--Howard Chap to Zion0.43 mi-36 ft-1.6%
Howie Long2.00 mi-154 ft-0.6%
Chapel to Chapel Hill 0.30 mi52 ft3.3%
Howard Chapel Hill0.16 mi82 ft9.6%
Rt 97 bridge to Roxmill0.42 mi82 ft3.5%
Rt 97 bridge to Roxmill0.44 mi85 ft3.7%
Roxbury Rd--Dorsey Mill to Edgewoods1.23 mi177 ft2.5%
rc's circle to circle #22.99 mi125 ft0.8%
What is Love?1.10 mi66 ft1.0%
Butt-Bubbles -rc-1.01 mi46 ft0.3%
Ten Oaks-the OTHER circle to circle4.79 mi-197 ft-0.8%
Ten Oaks (South)1.70 mi-82 ft-0.7%
Ten Oaks south - Dayton to Highland1.42 mi112 ft0.1%
Dayton Post Office to St Louis Church3.28 mi-164 ft-0.7%
Ten Oaks South to Highland Road0.63 mi92 ft2.7%
Ten Oaks: Highland to Brighton Dam Roundabout1.40 mi-141 ft-1.9%
Ten Oaks-Triadelphia Mill to Brighton Dam0.49 mi-85 ft-3.2%
Ten Oaks East: Traffic Circle to St. Louis Drive0.49 mi33 ft1.2%
108Guilford-HallShop1.63 mi121 ft0.1%
Guilford Rd Eastbound3.26 mi-154 ft-0.7%
Let's meet at Great Star and Guilford0.63 mi-102 ft-3.0%
Guilford Rd. Climb to top of rise0.25 mi66 ft4.9%
Guilford Road Climb to the Traffic Light0.66 mi118 ft2.9%
Guilford Rd Climb0.35 mi75 ft4.0%
Guilford Descent1.08 mi-144 ft-2.4%
Harriet Tubman Road-East0.98 mi148 ft1.9%
Harriet Tubman Full Hill0.55 mi135 ft4.5%
Harriet Tubman Hill 0.59 mi151 ft4.7%
Tubman Long Hill -rc-0.43 mi135 ft5.9%
Harriet Tubman: telephone pole on right to mailbox at top0.28 mi118 ft7.6%