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#MustDoRides: London to Brighton

Cycling Route

71.54 mi
4,544 ft
Created By
Kyle McCall

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clapham rising0.25 mi16 ft1.1%
CC Tube to Elms Rd0.27 mi16 ft0.4%
Clapham Common to Clapham South0.55 mi30 ft0.6%
Nightingale Lane0.10 mi20 ft2.4%
Bellevue rise0.15 mi13 ft1.5%
Bellevue to Burntwood School0.58 mi-59 ft-1.9%
Tootling from Tooting to Tooting0.68 mi13 ft0.0%
Mitcham Road dash0.28 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Mitcham Common to Goat Road0.64 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Mitcham Common to Tom Brakes Office1.97 mi13 ft0.1%
Go! Sprint for Hackbridge0.47 mi10 ft0.1%
Hackbridge Road to Carshalton1.18 mi36 ft0.5%
Carshalton to Chipstead4.57 mi367 ft1.5%
Beeches Burn2.01 mi184 ft1.7%
Carlshalton to Woodmansterne Climb2.71 mi266 ft1.8%
Central Beeches0.76 mi59 ft1.4%
Woodmansterne Road Climb0.96 mi148 ft2.1%
Carshalton Road0.70 mi102 ft2.6%
Rocky Lane Blast... 0.76 mi-164 ft-4.1%
Ride up into Nutfield1.35 mi207 ft2.9%
TriSurrey KOM - Church Hill0.70 mi180 ft4.9%
Nutfield Steep Hill0.39 mi144 ft7.0%
Cooper's Hill Down Down Down Blast1.72 mi-282 ft-3.1%
Coopers hill under M230.31 mi33 ft1.1%
Dukes Head to Turners Hill2.49 mi226 ft1.7%
Turners Hill N-S0.29 mi59 ft3.7%
Coleman's Sprint0.32 mi-62 ft-2.2%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No19 The Wall0.93 mi420 ft8.5%
kidds to black turn0.80 mi36 ft0.5%
Duddleswell to Nutley1.88 mi-171 ft-1.6%
Monteswood Steep Bit0.18 mi49 ft4.8%
East Mascalls Steep Bend0.17 mi39 ft3.7%
Awbrook - Townings Place (stage)1.87 mi-167 ft-0.8%
The Oaks Poultry Farm (sprint)0.44 mi-30 ft-0.9%
Ditchling Beacon Up and Over5.87 mi604 ft1.0%
The False Flat0.88 mi125 ft2.5%
Danno's Ditchling1.43 mi551 ft7.3%
ToS TT - easy now tiger 0.51 mi62 ft2.3%
Ditchling Beacon0.91 mi456 ft9.4%
DB p10.29 mi230 ft14.6%
Ditchling plus TT to the junction3.25 mi459 ft1.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No22 Ditchling Beacon0.94 mi469 ft9.4%
2nd CORNER TO FINISH0.46 mi249 ft10.2%
The Richard Smith memorial sprint.0.08 mi-13 ft-2.4%
Ditchling Road Sprint2.06 mi-213 ft-1.9%
Roadies need not apply. Crossing to carpark.1.17 mi-148 ft-2.1%
Full South A27-Grand Avenue. Booyahhh3.83 mi-505 ft-2.1%
Mais' Mound0.53 mi92 ft3.2%
On parade0.12 mi-0 ft-0.0%
Escape the chavs!0.19 mi7 ft0.5%