Willkie Days “Five in 50" Covered Bridge Bicycle Ride - 5 Bridges/50 Miles

Cycling Route

52.26 mi
1,126 ft
The 50 mile route of the "Five in 50" begins with 2.26 miles of police escorted parade and city street section that will be an easy warm up and completed at a slower pace before the 50 mile main set. The route may be slightly modified to avoid new chip and seal. Effort has been made to clear roads of loose gravel, but note that some may remain. Please ride with caution including walking bicycles across covered bridges to avoid any gaps in floor boards. Note: 6.5 miles can be cut off the route by following the finish lines of the 24 mile route and turning south (right) on Rushville Road/Sexton St to head towards the finish line. (misses the last 2 covered bridges.) Final route provided the day of the ride.
Created By
David Willkie

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Covered Bridge Run3.39 mi102 ft0.3%