WWF short course

Running Route

10.91 km
455 m
Created By
Matt D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Fairmont to Empress bridge1.77 km-117 m-6.6%
Up to the Hut0.47 km79 m16.8%
Shortcut Track to Wentworth Falls carpark0.92 km-38 m-0.6%
Short Cut DASH0.78 km-36 m-1.8%
Charles Darwin to Chester Road climb1.00 km56 m5.6%
Duck Duck goose... under cliff 1.24 km-13 m-0.8%
Overcliffe Track Climb0.43 km107 m24.5%
Down the valley of waters0.30 km-65 m-20.9%
Sublime Point Road Climb0.35 km41 m11.6%