Past Month

North Park past Cement Plant

Cycling Route

179.91 km
2,365 m
This is a long out and back but you can cut it short if needed. A great route for an Ironman training program.
Created By
Jim Wrubel

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pearce Mill Rd hill0.58 km10 m1.4%
Pearce Mill to S. Villa1.21 km69 m5.7%
Babcock South2.22 km82 m3.7%
Red Belt Descent2.12 km-66 m-3.0%
Leslie Rd climb0.88 km47 m5.1%
Deer Creek Rd to Saxonburg Flyer4.24 km21 m0.1%
Winfield Climb2.15 km61 m2.7%
Winsome Lane Sprint0.33 km11 m3.2%
Winfield Descent2.60 km-129 m-4.8%
Division Rd Climb1.53 km106 m6.9%
Benjamin Franklin Hwy Climb0.96 km82 m8.6%
Mushroom Farm Flyer6.40 km-78 m-0.5%
Cornplanter Rd Climb2.14 km125 m5.8%
Cabot Climb1.62 km49 m2.8%
Saxonburg to Deer Creek Turnoff4.32 km-22 m-0.3%
Route 8 climb3.45 km74 m1.7%
Babcock across the Turnpike4.44 km-40 m-0.2%
Babcock South long downhill3.39 km-96 m-2.8%