5 Miles East from Garfield

Running Route

5.06 mi
230 ft
1. Head East on Mission Street towards Garfield, continue until El Molino (wave to people eating an early breakfast). 2. At El Molino, turn LEFT. 3. At Woodland Road, curve LEFT. 5. At Oakland Avenue, turn RIGHT and head North. 6. At Del Mar Blvd, turnaround and head back the same way you came. 7. At Woodland Road, turn LEFT. 8. At El Molino, turn RIGHT. 9. At Mission, turn RIGHT and head back to Garfield Park. Cheers!
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Pasadena Pacers
October 4, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mission St (Garfield Park to El Molino)0.56 mi-20 ft-0.6%
El Molino Ave (Mission to Woodland)0.46 mi82 ft3.3%
Oakland Ave (Woodland to Del Mar)1.25 mi98 ft1.5%
Garfield to Marengo on Mission0.30 mi10 ft0.4%